Club Officials


Colin Treagus – Colin was elected as Club President in February 2015. He spent many years as the clubs Vice – Chairman before stepping aside in 2014. Colin is part of the furniture and was possibly part of the club before it was even built!

The Chairman

Darin Bird

Darin Bird – Returned as Chairman in January 2015 after his previous stint 2011-2013. Darin is a long term member of The Sportsman who is a loyal supporter of Littlehampton FC and a current member of Littlehampton CC.  His main aim in life is to work hard and always try to make things better.



Nick Lamb – Held this position from January 2014. Another keen supporter of Littlehampton FC and current Littlehampton CC player. Loyal member of the club and The Sportsman is the only place he drinks during his free time.



kymie walker




Kymie Walker – Started in February 2015. Very enthusiastic member of staff who is rumoured to have her sleeping bag in the office! Loves America if you had not heard and is a massive fan of Chicago Bears.


Committee Member

josh bates




Josh Bates – Held a Committee position since January 2013. Current first

team player for Littlehampton FC. Has been up the club since a young age.


Committee Member

steve bates






Steve Bates – Held a Committee position since January 2009. Heavily involved with Littlehampton FC and will happily tell you about being a member of the 90/91 team that played in the FA Cup. Will often be seen on a Saturday night with a bottle of Beck’s collecting a few glasses!


Committee Member

Dave Guildford




Dave ‘Davros’ Guildford – Held a Committee position since January 2014. Very enthusiastic member who is a big supporter of the clubs bingo and meat raffle. You will often see him on a Saturday night putting on his moves on the dance floor.


Committee Member

Matt Lamb




Matt Lamb – Held a Committee position since January 2014. Matt will often be seen on Friday nights with a group of mates at the bar making up new mixtures of jugs to drink!