Chairman’s Blog 14/03/2016

Hi All

Well the sun has finally broken through for a few days and with Easter and the clock changes coming soon, I think we can say spring is well and truly in the air.

So less about the weather, what’s been happening at your club over the weekend.

Friday saw a good turnout in the evening for the Meat Raffle and Snowball draw. The meat raffle saw a change in meat supplier so a slightly different offering this week although of course involving meat !! . The snowball again went unclaimed this week for £180, so that good news for us all as this coming Friday will see the rather enticing figure of £200 up for grabs if your membership number is pulled out and you are at the club when it’s drawn between 6 and 8.

Saturday had football away this week as they lost 2-1 at Uckfield. This was followed by our fund racing Race Nite at the club and it was good to see a group of footballers and their partners at the club to support this. All in all whilst not full, it was a pretty good turnout including some new faces and  I think that people seemed to enjoy  themselves despite having to endure me all night !!. It was a successful night across the bar with takings more than expected and the race night itself raised nearly £400 towards the next payment of the boiler repairs (£4,000). A big thank you to Nick Lamb and my son Aidan for helping run the evening with me and importantly my thanks to all those members that supported the event.

Sunday as well as the usual televised football, the club hosted a baby shower for Kim’s sister Tamsyn which saw a few extra people in the club.

So this coming week, don’t forget Bingo on Tuesday which will be a slightly earlier start as the Football club are at home that evening and then Friday for the meat and snowball draws as well as a Party booking. Saturday also sees something on at the club so hopefully this weekend will help further  towards our repair bill.

We are currently considering when to go back to the earlier opening on Monday to Thursday now the evenings are getting lighter and will advise you of the details.

Hope to see you soon


Chairman’s Blog 01/03/2016

Hello All


Pinch punch 1st of the month and no returns!!! – Blimey it’s March already.


Well this past week has seen the Snowball (£140) go unclaimed again as Richard Brown was not here when his membership number was pulled out, so this coming Friday there is a chance to take home £160 but this is only possible if you are in the club.  Saturday saw football at home again, conceding two late goals to draw 2-2 with Loxwood. This was followed at the club by a joint Birthday party for Derek, Pat and Tony with GJ’s Band providing the live entertainment and evening enjoyed by all. Sunday afternoon the Sportsman hosted a party for Kim’s son Riley who celebrates his 3rd Birthday today!


This coming week sees our next committee meeting on Wednesday 2nd and I will give you some feedback on this in next week’s blog.


So its short and sweet this week, which I hope is a good sign and I  hope to catch you at the club but in the meantime take care !


Chairman’s Blog 23/02/2016

Hi all

Well with just a week left of February we are heading towards spring, although the weather still needs to catch up.

Last Friday you will be pleased to know that the snowball of £120 went unclaimed with Mrs Jefferies not being present at the time, so that means that this coming Friday there is the princely sum of £ 140 up for grabs if you are lucky enough to be drawn out and are here. Friday was also a learning experience for me as there were Gigot chops in the meat raffle, which I had never heard of, but was reliably informed these are actually Lamb. I am now even wiser than before!!!

Saturday finally saw the return of Football at the Sportsman with the last few matches being washed out. Littlehampton managed a 1-0 win against Eastbourne, who are one of the top sides this year. They are home again today and this coming Saturday. Last Saturday night saw the welcome return of a function with a 30th birthday / engagement party and Studio One providing the entertainment. This gave us a good overall taking for the day which will help having had a few quiet weekends. This weekend sees a further function with members Pat, Derek and Tony holding a joint birthday party and the band GJ’s providing the entertainment, so why not come and join us for live entertainment this coming Saturday.

We are currently changing some of our bulbs in certain areas of the club to LED which our president is organising, so this will help with our future electric costs and with one of our new committee members looking at some great ways of advertising our club, lots of little things are still happening around.  We have also had our glass washer looked at and serviced, again organised by one of the committee, so the quality of the glasses should improve and the real good news is the machine is still fully operational and just needed some TLC, like all of us I guess, from time to time!.

I see we have a number of new membership forms submitted ready for the next meeting so hopefully a further positive statement of where we are heading as a club.
Hope to see you soon



Chairman’s Blog 16/02/2016

Well good evening all and firstly just a quick apology that there was no blog last week as I was away for the weekend.


A thank you to Darren Power for doing the meat raffle and snowball while I was away, when £100 was up for grabs but went unclaimed as Graham Perry was not in the club to collect it. So this Friday, be here for the chance to win £120 on the snowball draw.


Saturday saw our very first effort of Mr & Mrs with 5 couples taking part, answering questions about their partners. A fun evening was had and eventually David and Trish ran out winners of the £50 prize whilst all contestants took away Mr and Mrs glasses and wine. Maybe something we will do again next year around Valentine’s Day.


Coming up this week we have bingo on Tuesday, meat raffle and snowball and a party on Saturday evening, so it would be good to see you at the club.


I finish by passing comment on something that was posted on our Facebook page this week that has induced further comment as is the way with social media. The post was about the motion that was raised at the AGM. This was the only motion raised this year and was purely to remove the current statement within the constitution. As is always the case these are voted on at the AGM and those that attended voted by majority not to have this removed. There was no motion entered to amend the wording of this statement in the constitution. Other small amendments were voted in that were previously tabled as wording changes to benefit our application for CASC for savings on our rates. We have announced on a number of occasions this year that a review of the constitution had been requested and that everyone was entitled to send us their comments in writing for consideration. Apart from one note in the suggestion box, no other feedback was sent in from the membership. Any requests for rule changes needs to be put in writing and can be considered for our next AGM, which incidentally takes place every year on the last Wednesday of January and is advertised a few months in advance, which should enable people to make arrangements to be there and have their say/vote.

Finally on this topic I would like to refute any thoughts of this being in any way discriminatory or illegal as suggested on Facebook, but merely a vote taken at the AGM in response to a motion received with regards to the constitution at our private members club.


So take care and hope to see you soon



Mr and Mrs Night a Success

Saturday night saw 5 of The Sportsmans couples take on our first Mr and Mrs night hosted by our chairman Mr Bird. After much questioning our winners walking away with the £50 prize money was the Guildford’s. Congratulations to Dave and Trish. Mr and Mrs will certainly be returning to The Sportsman in the future.


Our couples (minus the Wilkinsons) who took part Saturday Night 

Chairman’s Blog 02/02/2016

****************** Here are the Sportsman news headlines**********************


……. Littlehampton Football Club lose Sussex Senior Quarter Final 3-1

……. Sportsman AGM sees positives and welcomes Derek Harrell as vice chairman, Andrew Sleeman, Josh Bates, Travis Hayler and Nathan Mead as elected committee.

…….. Friday’s £60 Snowball goes unclaimed and increases to £80 this week.

…….. Saturday see no football and no function.

…….. Four couples already signed up for Sportsman first ever Mr & Mrs Competition on Saturday 13th February.

……..Chairman releases AGM committee report and says till next week !


This past year has been full of challenges, but thankfully a few successes as well. With the new committee formed, one of our first functions was to identify and appoint a President to take over from Andy Hawkes and as you will be aware Colin Treagus with his wealth of knowledge about the club has taken on the role. We also successfully employed Kymie Walker as Secretary/ Treasurer and she has done an admirable job under very difficult financial constraints.

We started the term with reported debts of just under £5K but very quickly identified that we were paying our quarterly VAT bills ( approx. £3500) a quarter behind and being charged an additional £500 a quarter for the privilege. It was at this stage that I lent the club the money to get these payments up to date. I am pleased to say that we have continued to pay these bills in a timely manner and we are now just one payment away from having the automatic £500 fine removed if we are late with a future payment.

It was clear right from the start that committee and staff faced a difficult challenge to maintain and look to increase its profits to firstly attempt to clear the debt and then to carry out remedial work around the club. We were forced to review our prices due to an increase from the brewers and rather than just add a blanket rise, we reviewed each individual offering and set them to achieve an ideal profit margin and it would be our intention to work this way moving forward. This month we have unfortunately received further notification of increases which I shall be looking into and if possible would hope to hold our prices for the time being.

With no quick answers as to how to get more people using the club, we set about trying to identify ways to cut our costs and I am pleased to say that work carried out by the committee and a couple of supportive members in relation to our water bills reaped some immediate success. With the use of flush savers and the addition of a press button flush on the gents urinals, we have saved over a thousand pounds for the financial year. Further savings on utility bills has come about at a cost with the necessary replacement of the aged cellar cooler (approx. £2000) providing us with a far more energy efficient system that is keeping the cellar temperature regular. We have also recently taken the opportunity to replace the Bar fridges through an agreement with Fullers and these again are far more efficient than the faulty ones we had.  We have also been very fortunate with members helping out with carrying out pieces of work at no cost or for materials only, such as lighting, alarms and electrics etc. It is this kind of support which can make all the difference to a club like this and major difference with our finances. I am very grateful for everyone’s support. We have also been lucky by having committee and James Askew working at no cost in helping behind the bar and doing the door on busy occasions which again has helped keep our costs down to a minimum, so again thank you for that.

We then set about trying to put together a full entertainment program with the target of having something on every weekend to try and lure more people into the club. This had mixed success with some bands being very poorly attended and therefore effectively losing money on those evenings. However we had some notable successful evenings with performers such as Skeddadles, WIP, Liz Angioni, Elvis Mark and Beaten Tracks to name just a few and not to forget our resident DJ’s Studio One and Blue Moon. We have established regular fortnightly bingo and the successful snowball and meat raffle. Our thanks go to George and Julie for their part in getting these embedded into the club. We have also had a number of successful events such as Easter Adults and Children parties, Charity race night with Jack the Lad, Halloween & Fireworks, Children’s Christmas party and New year eve. Hopefully people have been kept well informed of events with our New Website, Facebook and weekly emails, including the Chairman’s Blog to try and keep you up to speed with what’s happening at your club.

We have experienced some changes to committee during the course of the year with John Finneran and George Wawman leaving the committee, and Travis Hayler being co-opted on for the rest of the year. Thank you also to Helen and Nathan who put themselves forward when we were looking to co-opt. My thanks go to all those involved with the committee this term.  We will be seeing some changes to committee this evening, with Nick Lamb standing down as our Vice chairman having been involved with committee before hand for family commitments and Matt Lamb who will not be re-standing.  With a new committee in place after this meeting we will continue to focus on cost savings, increasing footfall and the renovation of the club which still has many things that need to be looked at. I am sure that as we have shown in the past few years that we find ways to continue to fight the difficult economic climate and provide a club that still has much to be proud of.


I would like to thank Kim our Bar Supervisor who has worked hard together with the committee and myself to support the progress and successes that we have had and also to her staff who have all continued to provide the service regardless of circumstances. We have achieved an increased turnover this year which you will see when we go through our accounts shortly. This has been no mean feat in this financial climate and this of course could not achieved without your support.


This is my second time round as Chairman and I most certainly came into it, this time with my eyes wide open , but it  has continued to be a massive challenge and it is testament to the work of all involved that we continue to keep our heads above water despite whatever has been thrown at us. This year has seen some unsavoury instances and hefty repair bills, yet we have faced these head on and with everyone’s support I am sure that we can continue to do so and keep this establishment a desirable location for people to enjoy themselves.


We find ourselves slightly down on membership with 445 vs 472 last year and despite the thousands of pounds that we have faced in repairs this year we made a net surplus in our financial yr and are only about £7500 in debt including the boiler repairs (£4K) that have just taken place as opposed to effectively £8000 at the start of the term. All in all we should all be extremely happy with our performance.


I am looking forward to working with the selected committee over the coming months and hope to be able to continue to keep bringing you positive news of our progress.



AGM Update

The clubs AGM was held last night with a new committee elected.

The clubs committee is:

Chairman: Darin Bird

Vice Chairman: Derek Harrell

Committee Members:

Steve Bates

Josh Bates

Dave Guildford

Travis Hayler

Andrew Sleeman

Nathan Mead

Chairman’s Blog 26/01/2016

Good evening all


We are nearly through January already as time appears to be rushing past.


Last Tuesday the Sussex senior cup quarter final was called off at the last moment through frost. Bingo was unaffected by the weather and the main prize was £190. Friday saw the snowball up for grabs at £40 but this went unclaimed so this coming Friday you have £60 on offer. Meat raffle was well supported again, so thank you for continuing to support us.


The weekend itself was quiet with no football or entertainment on Saturday. We have had our heating fixed apart from a couple of accessories so hopefully you will be able to remove your coats now.


Don’t forget it is AGM on Wednesday starting at 8pm. I will send out as part next week’s blog the committee report and headline financial details for those that are unable to attend.

Short and sweet this week, hope to see you Wednesday or soon if not.


Chairman’s Blog 19/01/2016

Hi All

Well we certainly have had our share of rain over the last week, so I hope you managed to stay dry.


Last Tuesday’s bingo had another big prize for the final house at £230 so well worth winning and also just generally a fun evening, so don’t forget to give it a whirl next time out. Thursday we held our last committee meeting as a group, as with the AGM approaching fast there will likely be some new faces on your committee.  A few things of note from the meeting are the committee agreed to follow a similar format for next New Years Eve following the recent success, a second quotation has been received for the boiler repairs and our president is currently negotiating the possibility of a payment plan to lessen the impact, but I will keep you updated.

An issue was brought to committee about a table being reserved for New Year’s Eve, which was discussed and it was agreed that it’s not something that is practical, hasn’t been something that we have done before and should not do so in the future. It will be a first come first served basis as our seating options are limited on busy evenings.

As mentioned the AGM is only 2 weeks away being on Wednesday 27th January at 8pm. A reminder that any motions should have been received in writing by 13th, and nominations for either the Vice Chairman or Committee positions (4 spaces available) should be added to the board as you come in before the end of Wednesday 20th.  Nick Lamb our current Vice Chairman has decided not to re-stand this year, so that he can spend more time focusing on his grandchildren, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his efforts both as vice chairman and committee member prior to that. He has promised to still help out where he can and to return in the near future, but in the meantime we should thank him for his support.

Friday saw the return of the meat raffle after a week’s break and this was followed by the snowball draw that restarted again at £20. This will remain at £20 this week as it was won by Mr Hill on Friday. We also carried out a membership check on Friday evening and will do so again in the near future so please make sure you have renewed and that you are carrying your membership card. We managed to persuade a few on Friday to part with their money!!

Saturday saw Littlehampton’s Football team lose 2-0 away at high flying Horsham with the evening entertainment being provided courtesy of Studio one for Stella’s 50th Birthday party.


So for now stay dry (externally of course), keep warm (wrap up for the walk to the club) and hope to see you soon.


Chairman’s Blog 14/01/2016

Hi All

Well we certainly have had our share of rain over the last week, so I hope you managed to stay dry.


Last Tuesday’s bingo had another big prize for the final house at £230 so well worth winning and also just generally a fun evening, so don’t forget to give it a whirl next time out. Thursday we held our last committee meeting as a group, as with the AGM approaching fast there will likely be some new faces on your committee.  A few things of note from the meeting are the committee agreed to follow a similar format for next New Years Eve following the recent success, a second quotation has been received for the boiler repairs and our president is currently negotiating the possibility of a payment plan to lessen the impact, but I will keep you updated.

An issue was brought to committee about a table being reserved for New Year’s Eve, which was discussed and it was agreed that it’s not something that is practical, hasn’t been something that we have done before and should not do so in the future. It will be a first come first served basis as our seating options are limited on busy evenings.

As mentioned the AGM is only 2 weeks away being on Wednesday 27th January at 8pm. A reminder that any motions should have been received in writing by 13th, and nominations for either the Vice Chairman or Committee positions (4 spaces available) should be added to the board as you come in before the end of Wednesday 20th.  Nick Lamb our current Vice Chairman has decided not to re-stand this year, so that he can spend more time focusing on his grandchildren, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his efforts both as vice chairman and committee member prior to that. He has promised to still help out where he can and to return in the near future, but in the meantime we should thank him for his support.

Friday saw the return of the meat raffle after a week’s break and this was followed by the snowball draw that restarted again at £20. This will remain at £20 this week as it was won by Mr Hill on Friday. We also carried out a membership check on Friday evening and will do so again in the near future so please make sure you have renewed and that you are carrying your membership card. We managed to persuade a few on Friday to part with their money!!

Saturday saw Littlehampton’s Football team lose 2-0 away at high flying Horsham with the evening entertainment being provided courtesy of Studio one for Stella’s 50th Birthday party.


So for now stay dry (externally of course), keep warm (wrap up for the walk to the club) and hope to see you soon.


Chairman’s Blog 04/01/2016

Dear All

Well we find ourselves in 2016 and firstly I would like to take the opportunity to wish you all happy new year and I hope 2016 will treat you well.
With the festive period now behind us for another year, I hope that you enjoyed yourselves and managed to spend sometime at the Sportsman.
Christmas Day saw a good turnout for the 2hr lunch session and we also had a xmas day snowball draw  for £140 pounds which went to Ian Rhodes who was in the club to collect. The snowball resets at £20 this Friday along with the first meat raffle of 2016. Boxing day was pretty quiet at the club especially with the usual football fixture being the day after this year with Littlehampton beating East Preston 5-0.
New Years Eve was the next big event and I am delighted to say that this turned out to be a fabulous evening at the Sportsman. With over 120 partygoers including 15-20 well behaved children we were all treated to a night of great entertainment from Studio one and Liz Angioni which went down a treat. Everyone enjoyed seeing in the New Year and we have had very positive feedback. A sigh of relief breathed that we got back on track after the previous years low numbers. Thanks from me to those that helped make it happen, you know who you are!!
Saturday saw the place busy again with a 50th birthday party with studio one. A busy few days but atmospherically and financially very rewarding.
This week sees Bingo on Tuesday and a committee meeting on Thursday so if you have anything to raise then let us know before then.
Whilst mentioning committee it is an opportunity to remind you that the AGM is Wednesday 27th January@8pm. There are nominations available for vice chairman and 4 committee places ( one for 1 yr) so if you have a vested interested in the success and future of your club then please don’t be shy and put yourself forward to work with me to steer the ship.
We have another 50th birthday for one of our members this weekend. So why not break those new years resolutions and dry January to join us for a drink.
Hoping to see you soon

This Weekend 02/01/2016

Saturday afternoon Littlehampton FC play at home again this time entertaining Worthing United. Kick Off is at 3PM. Then from 8PM Studio One Discos are back as we host a Birthday Party for a member. What a great start to 2016.





New Years Eve Party

Thanks to all the members who attended last night to see in 2016. A packed out club with over 130 attendees. We hope you enjoyed Liz Angioni and Studio One Discos. A Few Photos from a very busy night below!

New Years Eve

There are still a limited number of tickets available for tonight at £10. Available from behind the bar. It all starts at 7pm.

new years

Festive Football

The Golds are at Home Tomorrow morning (27th) in their Christmas local derby against East Preston. Its an 11AM KO. We shall be open from 11.15AM. Come and support the Golds!!!


Merry Christmas….

We wish all our Members a Merry Christmas from all at The Sportsman. Remember today we are open between 12-2pm. Your first drink if your here before 12.30 is on us (Members Only). The Members Snowball will also be drawn today with the prize £140.


xmas day


Christmas and New Year Opening Times

Christmas Eve – 12pm – Midnight
Christmas Day – 12pm – 2pm
Saturday 26th – 12pm – Midnight
Sunday 27th – 11.15am – 11pm
Boxing Day Monday – 12pm – 10.30pm

Then normal hours until:
New Years Eve – 12pm – 4pm and 7pm – 1am
New Years Day – 1pm – 12am.


Last night saw The Sportsmans Xmas Bingo with Kim. A healthy turnout of regulars saw a jackpot of £300 up for grabs which in the end was shared with 2 calls on the last game. A fun night was had by everyone who attended.

Chairman’s Blog 21/12/15

Ho !! ho !! ho !! Merry Christmas !!

Well we are almost there with only a few days to go and we have just come off the back of rather festive weekend.

Friday saw an evening of draws with the snowball, xmas meat raffle and xmas draw. It was great to see such a good turn out and the nibbles seemed to find a good home.

The snowball draw for £120 came first and went unclaimed and therefore this rolls over to Xmas day when a £140 will be up for grabs between 12 & 2.

The meat raffle then took place with some rather sumptuous looking seasonal offerings which seemed to be shared round in the spirit of xmas.

This was followed by our xmas draw with 54 prizes up for grabs. There were plenty of different winners but one suspects the Moore’s would have had to hire a van for their successes. The two main prizes a tablet and hp notebook went to Tony and Diane Warner. I hope everybody enjoyed their evening, congratulations to those lucky winners and thanks to you all for your support.

Saturday saw our Adults xmas party which while not hugely busy was enjoyed by those that were here. Sunday was our Childrens xmas party with a visit from Santa and the usual great childrens entertainment from DJ Power and studio one disco’s. It looked to me like the children enjoyed themselves and that is what it is all about.

So a big thank you from me to those that helped make this weekend happen such as Nick, Kelly, Kim, Darren, Jimmy and most importantly you the members.

Well as we look forward to the festive period don’t forget to join us on xmas day for the snowball but also if your here before 12.30 the committee and staff would be delighted to offer you your first drink free as a thank you for your continued support.

Don’t forget New Years Eve at the Sportsman as some tickets are still available. Where else gives you the chance to bring your children (they will need to stay on the top tier from 10pm) and enjoy not only a disco but also a singer.

Renewals are still due from some of you so please rejoin and support my favourite club!!

If I don’t see you before or during, which I hope I will, then I leave you tonight with my best wishes for a very merry xmas and a fruitful new year !!


Sunday 20th December

Its our famous Kids Xmas Party with Studio One Discos. Everyone is welcome to join us from 3PM. There will be plenty of games and dancing with DJ Power. I hear Santa might even drop in for a visit!!

There is a small cost to non members:

Non member adults is £2.00 per person Non member children £1.00

kids party

Saturday 19th December

We have our Adults Xmas Party being run by Studio One Discos. Its starts at 8PM. Why not come up and enjoy the last Saturday before Xmas and have a good dance and enjoy the fun and games.


adult party



Friday 18th December

Its the Xmas Meat Raffle!!! Well what do we have on offer in the draw tonight?! The answer is:

Turkey Crown, Pulled Pork Roast, Roast Chicken, Breakfast Pack, Cheese Board, Roast Beef and Horseradish, Accompaniments pack and a Mixed Sausage pack. The Raffle gets underway at 7PM. Remmber its just £1 a strip.

But Friday does not finish there…..

Straight after the meat raffle starting at 8PM it The Sportsmans Grand Christmas Draw. 25p a ticket with plenty on offer including:

HP notebook, kindle fire, magnums of prosecco, ice skating for family of 4, chocolate, beer.

Hang on we haven’t finished yet there is more….

We still have the weekly Members snowball draw between 6pm – 8pm. If your name is pulled out then you will be lucky enough to walk away with £120 but remember you have to be here for the draw to win!!

Chairman’s Blog 15/12/15
Good evening all
Less than two weeks till xmas and I suspect were all busy rushing round shops and wrapping presents. The panic has begun!
Well last week on Tuesday we had bingo in the club with £200 up for grabs on the final house which was won by Julie Wawman. Ideal just before xmas. Also on Tuesday outside the football had success on the pitch as they beat 2 divisions higher Lewes 3-0 to book a place in the quarter final of the Sussex senior cup.
Friday’s meat raffle draw was well attended and don’t forget there will be even more meat for xmas meat draw this coming Friday. We also have our yearly xmas draw taking place afterwards where there are numerous prizes including a hp notebook, kindle fire, magnums of prosecco, ice skating for family of 4, chocolate, beer etc and not to forget that the snowball is up for grabs at £120 as Shirley Finneran was not here Friday to collect the hundred pounds. With so much happening we thought we would put on some bar nibbles for you pick at, so we hope to see you here (please!).
Saturday saw the football club draw 2-2 at home on a wet and sticky pitch. Then in the evening the handful of people at the club were entertained by Elvis Mark and Blue moon discos. I have to say it is becoming increasingly frustrating to put entertainment on and have the embarrassment of it being poorly supported. With requests to have regular entertainment in the past this has caused us to rethink our schedules next year where will be reducing our live entertainment to avoid nights that run at a loss.
Our secretary/ treasurer is back from her trip to America and busy catching up whilst no doubt missing America already. A reminder here is that membership renewals are well over due so please find the time to get this up to date if you haven’t already. We will be carrying out a membership check in the run up to xmas so make you have your card with you to avoid having to be signed in or turned away.
Childrens xmas party this coming Sunday where we are raffling off our 4ft snowman donated by a member. Tickets are available at the bar.
Well I hope to see you over the coming week. Remember be nice or Santa won’t come

What do we have on this Weekend

Tonight (11th Dec) it’s the weekly meat raffle from 7pm. Why not pop along buy yourself a couple tickets and you never know you may walk away with your Sunday roast!!

We also have our members snowball draw. This will be drawn between 6pm – 8pm. The jackpot tonight is £100. Remember you have to be here to win it though!!

Tomorrow night we have Blue Moon Discos and Elvis performing at the club starting at 8pm.

elvis advert


Also tomorrow Littlehampton FC are at home here at the Sportsman. They play Eastbourne United. Kick off is at 3PM


Xmas Raffle

The clubs Xmas Raffle will take place on Friday 18th December at 8pm (After the Xmas Meat Raffle). There are many, many prizes including a night Ice Skating, Hampers, Biscuits, Beer, Cash Prizes plus much more. Raffle tickets are available from a member of staff behind the bar.

Chairman’s Blog 07/12/2015

Good evening all 
So we are now just under three weeks away from Christmas and I hope that you are all prepared for the usual festivities, over eating and drinking.
Well before we get there we have plenty to get you there.
Bingo Tuesday, Football at home Tuesday, meat raffle Friday with the 100 pound up for grabs and then football at home again Saturday foĺlowed by Elvis Mark and Blue Moon Discos.
Friday saw the delivery of our 3 new bar fridges which was good news if not unexpected. I am grateful for the help of Richard, Jimmy and Dusty who helped me retrieve the fridges from downstairs and lug them up the back stairs. They then also helped us install them and remove the old ones to the committee room. They are available to anyone that wants to take them away. Thanks guys not sure what I would have done without you. Thanks also to Darren who has put a new socket in for us free of charge.
This Saturday saw Studio one entertain for a 90th birthday party. 
We have also had Saunders in to give us a second quote for the heating which we are waiting to come through before we panic !!!
So don’t forget renewals are overdue, Christmas draw tickets are on sale, 4ft Snowman tickets go on sale this week,  New years tickets still available and details for nominations for the Agm are now on the board.
Enough from me for now. Hope to see you soon.



Tonight (4th dec) sees the weekly meat raffle starting from 7pm. £1 a strip available from the bar. The members snowball draw which is now £80 will be drawn somewhere between 6pm – 8pm. Remember though you have to be here to win!

Then tomorrow night we have a 90th Birthday party with a disco being provided by Studio One Discos. This gets underway at 8pm.

abbi birthday party


Chairman’s Blog 30/11/2015
Well apologies are required firstly as there has been no chairman’s blog or emails the last couple of weeks with our treasurer/secretary being away. This is something I will deal with on her return and make sure that normal business resumes whenever any of us are away by ensuring we have multiple people capable of doing it.
Well whats been happening over the last few weeks.
We have of course had our usual meat raffle and snowball with the snowball still going unclaimed meaning we have £80 up for grabs this coming Friday so make sure you have renewed your membership so you are in the draw but also remember you need to be here to win it.
We have had some very good live acts over the last few weeks with Skeddales taking centre show for a 60th Birthday party and I must say they were excellent. Not to be missed when they return April next year. We had an engagement party with Blue Moon Discos and this weekend we had two live solo acts which were both disappointingly supported for what great entertainment that they are.
Football have had a draw and a win in the league since I last wrote, but they also had a fine result in a match of last years winners of the county league against the winners of the Sussex Senior Cup being Whitehawk who are two division above us. With some stowic defending and some great finishing Littlehampton won 3-0 and now have a rather nice shield up in the club in the cupboard by the committee room.
Around the club I am sure that some of you may have noticed that it got a little chilly in the club and unfortunately we are without heating now.  I have arranged for 3 heaters in the club to take the edge off whilst we obtain further quotes for the work that needs to be carried out, with the first quote being around £4000 which is of course something that we could well do without. Will keep you posted with our progress on repairing the boiler.
This week sees our next committee meeting taking place on Thursday and just a reminder we are now only 2 months away from our AGM where there will be positions up for grabs, so please consider if you have something to offer to the continued running of this club.
A quick thank you before I leave to LK installers who have done the club a huge favour by repairing the external drain out by the flat and turnstile at no charge. Please bear them in mind if you need any work done.
For the moment I bid you farewell and hope to see you soon as we head ever closer to Christmas.
Chairman’s Blog 10/11/2015
Well hello to you all
Off the back of an extremely busy weekend at the club with a good turnout on Friday evening and a full house for our Halloween and Fireworks party on Saturday night, I must say I am feeling a little worn-out as I suspect those others involved are, but as they say no rest for the wicked as we head into another week at the Sportsman.
Let’s think what happened last week!
Thursday we had our latest committee meeting which for a change was a reasonably short meeting by our standards recently. There are a couple of things of note from that meeting. Firstly we have the review of our investigations into the incident last month at the club. With the evidence and accounts of those who were there taken in to account, the committee has agreed that there will be no further action taken against anyone else and that the original action taken to ban and revoke membership of the two members arrested on that evening is the conclusion of our disciplinary action. We hope never to face an incident of such severity again and hope that the actions taken by the committee will help deter this kind of behaviour. During the meeting, we also discussed the constitution and some proposed amendments that will be presented to the AGM for acceptance. For those members who have any recommendations or amendments they would like to see in the constitution, please forward your ideas to one of the committee by December 1st.  Financially we are holding our debt at the same level despite further additional maintenance costs that have come our way. The committee wanted to thank Darren Power for work he carried out on our Fire and Emergency lighting systems, gracefully doing the work for free and only charging for parts, as well as agreeing to a payment plan. It is this kind of commitment from certain members that has helped us prevent our debt spiralling out of control.  Thank You!!
Friday, I was pleasantly surprised upon my arrival to call the meat raffle and snowball to see such a good turnout which not only makes it such an enjoyable evening but is positive for our finances. The snowball was done slightly differently this week, with only members who have renewed to date being entered and with a random number being generated corresponding to those members names. Well with the button pressed and the number checked we called out Bernie Spearman, who was in the club to collect the £80 on offer. As we approach the seasonal period we have decided for the new snowball to start at £20 and then add £20 each time that it rolls over. So two things to remember! Firstly be here next week for your chance to win £20 and secondly make sure you have renewed your membership so that we can put you in the draw.
Saturday was again another successful event (our  5th year with fireworks) which came together with the hard work of “Team Sportsman”.  Plenty of people were in attendance (non members contributing on the door) to join in with the fun of games, fancy dress, dancing and about a 25 minute fireworks display. Being underneath the fireworks I have to rely on the feedback the team received that this was a great display and thoroughly enjoyed. With so much effort being put in to make this a success it would be wrong for me not to thank those who helped us deliver. Thanks go to Darren our DJ for the night, John, Nick, Jimmy and myself for the procurement, preparation, setting up and lighting of the fireworks, Kymie for doing the door, Paul and Hazel for doing the food from the kiosk, Linda, Abbie and Kim on the bar and lastly you members that made it an evening that whilst being exhausting was a pleasure to be involved with.
The football match on Saturday was unfortunately postponed due to the weather, but they are due to play at home this Tuesday (tonight) to Loxwood in the cup. Tuesday is also our bingo night which has recently been achieving some dizzy heights on the jackpot! Eyes down from 8pm.
Please don’t forget membership renewals are NOW due, so please help us by getting this sorted as soon as possible. Also as from Monday 16th the club will return to opening hours of 6pm Monday to Thursday for the duration of the winter months. Thanks to those who have been doing the extra hour free of charge.
Well I best be going, see you soon
Take care

Just a few photos from a great Halloween party here at The Sportsman. If you missed it then don’t worry it will be back in 2016!!

Chairman’s Blog 03/11/2015
Hi All
So we have now moved into November and I can’t believe how quick this year is going.
Last week saw our Bingo Jackpot hit the dizzy heights of £250, so certainly worth remembering to come along to our Fortnightly Bingo nights every other Tuesday (next one 10th Nov). Friday was also a good turnout for our weekly meat raffle and snowball draw. The snowball went unclaimed as Margaret Welch was not in the building to collect the £70 on offer, so that will now roll over to £80 available this coming Friday. I’m afraid I got myself a bit confused on Friday night (messed my month’s up) and what I should have informed everyone is that you need to be a member to be in the draw and that my reference to a month’s grace should have been about renewing your membership and not about being in the pot for the draw. So make sure you renew your membership ASAP!
Friday also saw another obstacle thrown at us with the Boiler packing up, so we were left with no hot water or heating either upstairs or down in the changing rooms. With an FA Vase game on the field on Saturday it was imperative to get this resolved by Saturday morning. Thankfully someone was organised who got it up and running and will now create a quote for what actually needs to be done for a long term fix. I am hoping (praying) that we might have a period where nothing else mechanical or electrical goes wrong, but I am also realistic that a lot of what we have is somewhat dated. (So fingers crossed everyone)
As I say Saturday saw Littlehampton Football Club play a team from near Reading in the FA Vase who brought a few supporters with them, who enjoyed our facilities and with good reason as they nicked a last minute winner to defeat us 2-1. Littlehampton have two home fixtures this week on Tuesday night (tonight) and Saturday.
With the Bonfire and Fireworks on Saturday evening at Littlehampton we had a good crowd in the club, but we also had panic as they would not let our band Beaten Tracks through to the Sportsman due to road closures. Eventually with some negotiating and tactics they arrived at the club to set up.  The club as expected emptied for the procession and again for the fireworks, but with the band playing till 11.30 there was still the opportunity for those attending the fireworks to catch the band on their return. I may be biased but I was really impressed with the band and everyone else seemed to enjoy it, so we will see them again next year.
So now as we look forward to this week, don’t forget your memberships are due for renewal and a big thank you to all those that have already renewed, with some taking advantage of our 5 years for 4 offer. This Thursday sees our next committee meeting, so if you want anything raised then please let the club, committee or myself know beforehand.
Saturday of course is our very own Halloween and Fireworks party, so preparations are underway for what we hope will be yet another successful event like those that we have had since we started these 4 years ago. Fireworks have arrived, decorations are up, disco is raring to go, Food will be available, so all we need is you and your fancy dress costumes!! Entry for members is free, with non-members being charged £2.00 per adult and £1.00 per child.
Look forward to seeing you round the club
Take care
Chairman’s Blog 27/10/2015
Well, Halloween is fast approaching and with the clocks going back it will now be darker in the early evenings. So remember if I knock on your door, I like chewy sweets!!
So what’s been happening around the Sportsman this week? Well as you can imagine we are continuing to look in to the events of last Saturday and currently we have not taken any additional action, other than the two members whose memberships have already been revoked and are banned. Further people here on that evening have been consulted and as yet no one else has been implicated for violent behaviour, hence no further ban’s or suspensions are in place. I hope to have this concluded this week, so that we can put this to bed and concentrate on the positives of being a member of the Sportsman. I will advise you accordingly of any further updates in my next blog.
Friday’s meat raffle and snowball was well attended, so thank you for that, but unfortunately Sophie Parnell was not in attendance and therefore missed out on the £60 snowball prize which now rolls over to £70 this Friday.
Saturday saw the football club face a local derby at Wick & Barnham and completed a comfortable 6-0 victory to carry on their good run of recent results seeing them now 8th in the table. This Saturday they are at home in the FA Vase against Tadley Calleva. Saturday night had no entertainment as the party booked was cancelled, although it was still good to see a number of people at the club particularly early evening.
Next Saturday is Littlehampton’s bonfire night, and for those of you looking for either a stop off before or after, or looking for some entertainment, we welcome Beaten Tracks to our stage. They were here for our fun day and I for one have been looking forward to their return. Renewals will also be due after Saturday night, so please don’t make us chase you!!.
Our order for fridges has been placed and we are now awaiting a date from fullers.
Don’t forget bingo this Tuesday (TONIGHT!) and I hope to see you around the club during the course of the week.
Meantime take care!
Chairman’s Blog 20/10/2015
Hi Everyone
Well it only seems like last week that I wrote!!
Last week at the club we had a bit of clearout of some rubbish, and our president has organised someone to come and clear the additional rubbish now located in our bin area. This will give us a little more storage room and make committee meetings a little less claustrophobic. Still more clearing to do and we also are still trying to find someone to do the cleaning at the club. If you know anyone that may be interested then please let me know. We are chasing up and organising the replacement of our bar fridges with Fullers and this will be done by amortisation on brewer’s barrels which will only be a negligible amount that will go relatively unnoticed.
Friday’s snowball went unclaimed again and therefore this week will see the pot rise to £60, so make sure you’re here for a chance to win this pot and of course meat in our weekly raffle.
Saturday saw the football team away at Chichester and they achieved their 4th win on the bounce with a 2-1 victory. This was followed at the club by the After Glow party following a sponsored walk for Cancerwise with lots of people all dressed in Neon and UV face paints! Even the staff joined in wearing neon tutus!


The evening was very much enjoyed and had gone well, until at closing I am disappointed so say there was a serious incident that took place in the club and car park which led to Police being called as well as an ambulance. Having left the party some 30 minutes before, I received a call to say we had police attending, so made the run from Rustington to the club to get an understanding of what had occurred and check on people’s welfare. As an initial result, the club has taken immediate action against two of the members who were involved, who were subsequently arrested and they have been banned from the club with immediate effect. We are still trying to piece together information on anybody elses involvement and will be reviewing our findings before considering any further action that may be required. One member went to Worthing hospital for stitches and I have checked on their welfare. I am grateful to staff, James Askew, and a guest of the party for their support in managing the situation best that they could, and to the police for their prompt response to the call for help.
It may seem strange to announce this incident in my blog, but I know that talk will be rife and it is important that you understand that we are taking action as a club to resolve this incident in a satisfactory way. It is also important that you understand that events of this nature are very rare at the club and in my 30 years at the club this has probably been the most serious one that I am aware of. I have already spoken with the police licensing officer who whilst pointing out that this is a serious incident, said he is comfortable that they have had very little involvement or concern with the Sportsman and in particular, that we have already taken some action on this. He will however be writing to the club to recommend (imply) that we invest in installing some CCTV, so that is something I will look into. Does anyone know anyone local who may be able to help?
Anyway let’s move away from that topic and to a reminder that renewals are now being taken and are due as of the 31st October. 
I hope to have a much more cheerful blog next week and in the meantime take care and hope to see at the club.
Chairman’s Blog 13/10/2015
Hi Everyone
Another week at the Sportsman passes by and this means we are another week closer to Christmas. Sorry but everywhere I look I am being told that, so I thought I would share it round!!
Since I last wrote, we are now able to view BT Sports on the upstairs TV so this will hopefully avoid some of the problems experienced with clashes of football and bingo as a start. Luke has kindly done some repairs to some of our Bar stools and got them back in action (thanks Luke!).
The snowball failed to go this week and therefore next week we are up to £50 on offer just for being in the club at the right time.  The chicken breasts I won in Friday’s meat raffle were lovely and succulent, although I am not sure about lime with the sweet chilli coating!! 
Saturday afternoon saw the Football team at home to AFC Uckfield and following a last minute goal they ran out 3-2 winners.
So to Saturday evening and firstly our apologies for those of you came expecting to see a stand up comedian. It would appear that we had a slight misunderstanding when this act was suggested and in fact we had a rhythmic musician. It was nice to see people make the effort and we will be looking for a stand up act to appear in the near future.
Unfortunately at the weekend another member had their car hit and damaged in the car park. Whilst reminding everyone that the club accepts no responsibility for loss or damage within the car park, please be aware and let us know if anything happens, as it is disappointing that no note or owning up has taken place on the last two instances.
I am also looking for feedback now that we have moved to the colder and darker evenings of Autumn to see if you still would like us to keep opening the club at 5pm on Monday to Thursdays. This first hour is manned by volunteers, so we will only continue if that’s what our membership wants. Please let us know what you think.  
This week coming sees us host Bingo again Tuesday (tonight! Eyes down at 8pm) and on Saturday we play host to the Cancerwise glow in the dark sponsored walk afterglow party. So why not dig out your neon from the closet and join us at what we hope will be a colourful and most enjoyable evening. 
Don’t forget that membership renewals will be due very soon. This year we are offering a 5 year membership for the price of 4, not only taking advantage of 1 years saving but also any possible inflationary rises, as well as supporting the clubs drive to clear its debt with a cash in flux. An email will be sent out in the next couple of weeks when we are ready to take renewals.
If I don’t see you in the meantime, there’ll be more from me next week.
Chairman’s Blog 5/10/2015
Hi all and sorry that it’s been two weeks since I last blogged (thank god I hear you say!) but I had a week’s holiday. 
Well things are still progressing at the club and the meat raffle continues to do well over recent weeks, so thank you to all those who support this. Our Snowball has not been claimed over the fortnight so this means £30 is up for grabs this Friday.
The Football club has had three matches since I last wrote winning a cup game at Hassocks 5-0, losing 2-0 at Eastbourne and winning 3-2 against Pagham in the League.
Entertainment in the club has seen a 21st birthday party with Studio One Disco, and The Lucky Jacks were once again in fine fettle this Saturday just gone. This past week also saw us host a wake for Marge Scrimshaw on Wednesday afternoon with myself covering the bar. Marge and her late husband met at the club and were followers of the football.
Rugby has been shown live on the telly and it is hugely disappointing to see England drop out of the world cup so soon, what are we going to do with all those flags now??. Don’t forget it is still the place to watch the other home nations for all you rugby fans.
Bingo took place last week with Kim in the hot seat as caller so don’t forget to join us every fortnight for fun and frolics as well as chance to win some money. For those that want to watch BT sports when Bingo is on I have this evening spent time adding wiring to allow BT Sports to be shown also on the top tier tv.
We have had some issues now with our ice machine which becomes another appliance that will soon need replacing on our list.
This week sees the appearance of comedian at the club on Saturday night which is something we have not had since our days of cabaret nights. Whilst he will read the crowd, I would highlight he is an adult comedian so if you are easily offended please bring your earplugs and still drink at the club!! (In all honesty I will leave it to you decide if you wish to be in attendance). I thought we would try something different.
Don’t forget Renewals are approaching and prices have stayed the same. New Years Eve tickets are currently on sale.
Well having gone back to work today I have had enough of the computer, so that’s me signing off for another week.
Thank you all for your support.

Chairman’s Blog 23/09/2015

Well what’s been happening around the club? I hear you all ask!!

Friday was a good evening at the club starting with the meat raffle containing some larger joints this week, so if you were a lucky winner and have cooked and tasted your meat it would be good to know what you thought.  The snowball was back at £10 this week and it rolls over to £20 next week as the name drawn – Des Adaway – was not present in the club. This was followed by the start of the Rugby world cup and if you have been in, you will have noticed the patriotic flags decorating the club. Let’s hope they get to stay up until the final. Later in the evening we had WIP performing publically for the first time and I must say for a first up performance they were most enjoyable and I am sure we will see them again soon.

Saturday saw Littlehampton Town at home in the football and although the performance was better they unfortunately went down 2-1 to Newhaven. Saturday night saw our bar supervisor’s sister Tamsyn, have a surprise 21st Birthday party with Studio One Disco’s doing the entertainment.  She thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

We are now also into the Monday night winter leagues for both Darts and Crib, so if you are interested in playing crib then please make yourselves known as I know one of our two teams is on the lookout for extra players. Friday night winter league darts starts this coming Friday.

Don’t forget that for those of you who enjoy whilst watching their sports on TV we have 2 Tv’s, Sky and BT Sports, so what better place to watch your Football or Rugby with friends.

We are still looking for a cleaner for the club so again if you are interested or know someone that would be, could you let either Kim or myself know as soon as possible. We even have a new (second hand hoover) donated by me that replaces our rather worn out Henry, so if that doesn’t get you excited enough then just to let you know we do actually pay wages..


Look forward to seeing you over the coming week, but in the meantime Brollies up and stay dry.


Chairman’s Blog 15/09/2015

Hello All

Well another week flies by and as usual plenty has been happening.

Firstly I need to advise you all that George Wawman has resigned from the committee and I am sure that you will all join me in thanking George and Julie for their efforts in the club, particularly on the meat raffle, bingo, and snowball. Just to let you know that both of these events will still be going ahead as normal and thanks to those that have or are stepping up to the mark. Any feedback greatly received.

Friday saw the first meat raffle without George, and a new supplier. Adjustments are being made for next week although, we cleared £ 95 profit. The snowball of £210 went this Friday and fittingly as they have been doing Friday’s events up till now, it was Julie Wawman who was the lucky winner. This means we are back to £10 this week.

Saturday saw LTFC at home to Broadbridge Heath but unfortunately a poor performance saw them sink to their 3rd successive home defeat. Let’s hope for more luck on Tuesday away at Horsham Ymca and then Saturday at home to Newhaven.

Saturday night saw us have our race night fundraiser and a massive thank you to those of you that made the effort to come and support your club. It was quite disappointing not to see a few more of our members. However, those that were here certainly dug deep and I’m greatly appreciative of their efforts as we managed to raise £500 which was simply amazing. Just think what we could have raised with a full club. Donations continue to come in and I was quite taken back when one of our newer members handed me £100 (Thank you again).

Well that has successfully paid me back a nice chunk, so thank you.

We are now actively seeking a new cleaner for the club, so if anybody wants to make some money and make a difference at the club then please let Kim or me know asap.

as we look forward to the week ahead, don’t forget bingo Tuesday (tonight!) and I hope to see you very soon.


Chairman’s Blog 09/09/2015

Well September has arrived and with it comes a burst of sunshine, kids have been packed back off to school and the end of the year lurks ever closer.
Last week’s events saw the fortnightly Bingo take place on Tuesday. The meat raffle and snowball draw on Friday evening. Fortunately again for the rest of us Terry Sonnestein was not present to collect the £200 on offer, so this week we have £210 up for grabs, just for being here if your name is pulled out. This was followed a surprise birthday party for our Treasurer/Secretary Kymie, which clearly had stayed a surprise judging by her face when she walked in. Entertainment was provided by Studio One Disco.
Saturday saw Littlehampton’s football team go down to a disappointing 3-1 defeat away at Oakwood. Whilst at the club things were on the go from 9am with preparations for the wedding reception being hosted later that day. Kim, Kymie, Nick and myself were on hand to help the organisers set out the venue and once complete I can honestly say I have never seen the place look so good. They had matching table cloths, seat covers with sashes and loads of trimmings absolutely everywhere, all in white and blue as the groom is a Portsmouth fan. The happy couple and guests arrived shortly after 4pm and the club was simply very busy from then till closing with all hands on deck. Entertainment was provided by Blue Moon disco’s and a couple of hours of live entertainment with Joe Butt who really did get the dance floor going. I know this will have made access to the club difficult or in some cases undesirable, so I am sorry for any inconvenience caused, but we absolutely needed the £3.5 K we took over the bar. My thanks to all those that helped it happen I know that some of them had had very long days by the time we left at 2am.  There were a few issues on the night with glasses on the dance floor etc, but this was inevitable on such a busy evening.
Sunday saw the other side of the coin which was clear up operation and a huge thanks to Kim, Kymie, Luke and John for helping to get the club in a fit state to open Sunday lunchtime, more hands on deck would have made this somewhat easier. Talking of cleaning, the committee pass on their thanks to Kim for cleaning over the past few months and we will have new cleaners starting very soon.
Looking forward to this weekend, please don’t forget we have our fundraising Race Night on Saturday where we endeavour to continue to make a dent in the expenditure for our cellar cooler. The races should start between 7 & 8, with food available at the kiosk courtesy of Hazel, so come along and enjoy yourself as well as helping the club funds. Thanks again to all those that have donated or sponsored a race, your support is very much appreciated (and needed!!).
Don’t forget to purchase your New Year’s Eve tickets as these will soon be available to guests and we wouldn’t want you to miss out. This year we have a disco and live singer for your entertainment and we are allowing children, but they will need to be well behaved/supervised and on the top tier for the latter stages of the evening. Tickets are £10 and available behind the bar.
Finally this week with Membership renewal just weeks away I am pleased to advise that prices this year will stay the same at £15 for single or £22.50 for joint. We are also offering a five year membership this year for the price of four years. So why not take the opportunity to save yourself some pounds and help with our cash flow situation.
Till the next time take care and see you around.



Chairman’s Blog 18/08/2015
Hello All

A week that has seen some stormy conditions, thankfully outside and not inside the Sportsman. We have however had a light shower in our cellar with a leaking stopcock that I replaced yesterday, but also a mini heat wave in our cellar which should be sorted today or tomorrow. Unfortunately it means that London Pride has been not fit for purpose over the weekend and will remain so until this has been resolved.

Wednesday last week saw the Football club host their first home fixture of the season which was a disappointing thrashing, although our keeper being sent off just after half time was the turning point.

Friday was of course our meat raffle and snowball and the show still goes on as the Snowball rolls over again to the new tasty sum of £180 this coming Friday. If you get a chance to win on the meat raffle then I can recommend the Gammon joint as it went down well for my roast dinner yesterday.

Saturday saw the cricket teams have mixed fortunes with the 2’s and 3’s going down to defeat, the 4’s unable to fulfil their final fixture, but in a nail biter the 1’s managed to grab victory from the jaws of defeat very much keeping their hopes of promotion alive.

Saturday night’s entertainment was the enjoyable Liz Angioni who entertained us all with some great singing and variety of props and laughter, mostly at Darren Bazely expense…

Sunday saw the Football Club play their first FA Cup game away at local rivals East Preston and they came out on top with 2-1 victory to take them into the next round.

The football season on TV is up and running with matches available to watch on Sky and BT Sports and don’t forget that all European Champions League games are only available on BT Sports this season. Keep an eye out for the fixtures and sports being shown at the club on our Facebook page and in the club.

Hopefully this week can be trouble free and I hope to see some of you over the coming week.
Chairman’s Blog 13/08/2015
Well the summer made a brief visit to the coast over the weekend, but apparently couldn’t stop long as it had prior commitments, somewhere else!!

What’s been happening around the Sportsman, well last week we had our latest committee meeting and it was good to see a number of new member forms, clearly taking advantage of the rolling discount we have been running. We also discussed New Years Eve and posters are up running and tickets for members will be going on sale later this month so keep your eyes peeled. Fundraising, Sponsorship and Fun day were discussed and this will be spearheaded by a sub- committee feeding back into the main meetings. Minutes should be posted shortly so that you can see what else was discussed.

The snowball remains unclaimed and this means £170 is up for grabs this coming Friday, so make sure you don’t miss out on the chance to win.

Saturday saw all the cricket teams in action win their matches and with only a few games remaining the 1’s, 3’s and 4’s all still have something to play for whilst the 2’s have already won the league. League action for Littlehampton Town FC
 got underway on Saturday with a great 3-1 victory. Saturday night was Karaoke night which was hosted by Studio One.

This weekend we welcome back Liz Angioni on Saturday night and it would be great if you could make it, as she went down a storm last time out. She will also be part of our entertainment on New Year’s Eve, so if you want a sneak preview before you buy your tickets then you know where you need to be.

On Monday I attended the ground management meeting which is of keen interest to us as the Spatial needs of Cricket and Football are a major topic and will continue to be so for some time as realistically there are no quick answers unless some major funding becomes available. The end results of this may have a detrimental effect on our Business. So if you have recently won the lottery jackpot and can’t decide what to do with all the new found fortunes, may I suggest you give it to me!!! ……………….. and I will pass it on accordingly !!.

I also have feedback from the ground management committee about children playing within the Sports ground. They have no issues with playing on the grass as long as children avoid playing in and around any of the Stands, Tennis Courts, Pavilion and on any of the equipment. This is of course for their own safety so please pass this on.

Well time for me to go, so catch up soon and don’t be a stranger.

Chairmans Blog 05/08/2015

Well Everyone, It really is a fortnight since I last wrote and it seems to have simply shot past.

During the fortnight the snowball has continued to be unclaimed so this Friday we have £160 up for grabs, so make sure you’re here for that and whilst you’re here you can buy some raffle tickets for our almost world famous meat raffle.

Previous Saturday’s have seen a 60th birthday celebration and a pool presentation night, and this one just gone saw George and Julie given a surprise party to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary, with Studio One Disco entertaining us for the evening.

The cricket teams have had mixed fortunes over the last couple of weeks although the 2nd eleven successfully tied up winning their league. Football friendlies have continued for LTFC and this coming Saturday sees the start of their new league season under the guidance of George Gaskin.

Around the club we have had some trouble with our soft drinks machine or more to the point the water supply that feeds it. Unfortunately fixing the cellar cooler has seen the pipe to cellar far colder than they have been for years and with a bit of disintegration of the cladding this has seen ice form where the pipes go through the floor and this has frozen the water supply to the drinks machine. Travis and I managed to clear this but despite adding cladding and changing a section of piping this still refroze. Friday we managed to chop out the hole in floor, change another section of piping move both pipe apart and increase the cladding. This appears to have resolved the problem and with minimum cost incurred. My thanks to Travis for his help, so we await the next challenge!!!!

Those that have been in to the club recently may have seen the return of Abbi behind the bar after a little while away, so we welcome her back to the fold.
This Thursday sees our next committee meeting, so If you have something you feel needs to be discussed then let us know.

Till I see you again (soon hopefully !!) I bid you farewell.

Chairmans Blog 25/07/2015

I simply can not believe it is Monday again already.

You’ll be pleased to know that the snowball did not go as Theresa Cooper was not here to accept the £130 pounds on offer, so this week you could win the sum of £140 if you are here on Friday between 6 and 8. You can also take home some meat from our Meat raffle normally drawn around 7pm.

Saturday saw Crickets 1st and 2nd’s both win, but unfortunately the 3rds and 4th went down to defeat. This was followed at the club by a 60th Birthday party hosted by Studio One Disco’s and this of course helped with the bar take for the weekend.

Sunday saw the croquet hold their big tournament and they have expressed their appreciation for the time spent in sprucing up and cleaning the outside toilets. My thanks to Nick who helped me decorate and fix the leaking urinal in the gents. We still have a cracked cistern to repair or replace in one of the ladies cubicles downstairs but once this is done then with a regular clean we shouldn’t need to do anything for a while with the outside toilets. Croquet have suggested opening up the croquet to members here for taster session so that we can learn a little about what goes on across the field. Let us know if you would be interested!

As I alluded to last week, we have had problems with our cellar cooler and my thanks go to Travis who organised a local firm who made essential repairs for a fraction of the price we feared. They will also be doing a full service of the unit at a very reasonable price in the near future. We had hot water issues to face this week and with the disappearance of key we were forced to break in to rectify this problem. A new door to boiler room has been fitted. So just the standard challenges of a week at the Sportsman !!

Membership is now available at a further discounted rate with single being £3.50 & £5.00 for joint. So why not see if you can persuade someone you know to take the opportunity to join us now.

Lastly the Coors Light seems to be going well although we wait to see which beers people are switching from to understand the effect in full.
Hope to see you soon.

Chairmans Blog 15/07/2015

Hi De Hi !! Members

Another week rushes by and we once again find ourselves at a Monday evening and it is relatively quiet here at the club as I type away.
Last week’s Snowball once again went unclaimed with Jessica Barrott not being in the club to take home £120, so this Friday will see £130 available, it could be your name pulled out so make sure you are here.
Saturday saw the 1st Team at cricket lose, the 2nd team keep up their 100% record, the 3rd’s inflict the first defeat on the league leaders and the 4th’s get a walkover. Also Saturday saw the Football team have their first friendly fixture of the pre-season at Sutton Common losing 6-0, but missing a number of players.
Saturday night saw The Strutt performing live here and unfortunately the club was lacking in numbers again, including myself (otherwise engaged).
The latest challenge for the club this week is a temperamental Cooler in the cellar which we have had someone in to look at and now await a quote. On a positive note London Pride seems to be coming through a little warmer which is going down a storm with the real ale drinkers and to date no ill effect on any of the other draught beers. We hope to have this sorted soon but again as you take step forward then something always seems to jump up and bite you on the proverbial.
This week has seen the difficult decision to remove Heineken from our bar offerings as sales have been very slow and following some advice from the brewery techs who said that we should not have barrels on for more than 2 weeks. To put this in context we currently take between 4 and 5 weeks to sell a barrel of Heineken. On this advice the committee will also need to review John Smiths and see if there is something else on the bitter/smooth that we can potentially try. We now have Coors light which while not being an out and out premium lager has so far gone quite well, but time will tell and if we need to review the situation again, then we will.
This week sees the cricket 1st team at Home and the 2nd’s have a free week while 3rds and 4th are both in action. Friday don’t forget the meat raffle and snowball and Saturday night has the club hosting a 60th Birthday party.
Time for me to get home and bed ready for work, so I hope to see you soon.
Till then .

Chairman’s Blog 08/07/2015

Well let’s start this week with a good news story, in relation to our Race Nite held on Saturday for Cancerwise. We were delighted to have the opportunity to host this event on behalf of Emma Neno and try and raise some money for a very worthy cause. When we set about planning this event, I don’t think any of us expected to end up raising as much as we did on that evening. The event was hosted by Jack the Lad from Heart radio and involved 5 planned races (plus an extra one late on) with Owners, Betters and Riders all getting hands on involved in the action. A raffle took place in amongst these races (thank you to those who kindly donated) and food was available to purchase from the kiosk thanks to Hazel. It was great to see so many people out on Saturday to support the event and along with having a very good take over the bar, most importantly we raised a quite staggering £1,208 for Cancerwise Charity. I would like to thank Jack the Lad for comparing and
bringing some humour to the evening even if some of it was at my expense, David and Emma for organising the event, the race team Nick, Kelly & John, the bar staff Kim, Linda and Jimmy and of course those that attended for making it such a successful and enjoyable event.

What else happened last week, Thursday saw the latest committee meeting held and amongst topics discussed were BT Sport, New Years’ eve, brief review of funday, Cellar and Real ale. Minutes will be placed on the board in the near future for your perusal.

Friday’s meat raffle and Snowball draw was followed by entertainment from singer Sarah Saville. The snowball draw was not claimed this week as James Taylor was not in the house, so this rolls over to Friday this week with £120 up for grabs. Those that were in attendance enjoyed the powerful voice of Sarah Saville and she will be back with us in November on Saturday where hopefully she will be able to perform to a bigger audience.

Saturday’s Cricket saw the 1st and 2nd teams both win whilst the 3rd and 4th teams went down to defeat. This Saturday will see the 2nd team at home at the Sportsman looking to maintain their 100% winning record this season.

This weekend as well as the meat raffle and snowball on Friday, we are joined on Saturday by live music band ‘The Strutt’, it would be great to see you there.

So until next week I will leave you there!

Chairman’s Blog 01/07/2015

Hi All

Well summer has finally hit as today has been so hot that as I type I am still overheating. Great time for a cool refreshing drink maybe at The Sportsman !!

Last Thursday saw the start of football training and I had to check twice as I was under the impression it was still June! Friday saw a lick of paint go on the downstairs toilets followed by meat raffle and the snowball draw for £100, and with the lucky name pulled out not having its owner in the club, they missed out on the prize! So the snowball builds and this Friday will now be a tasty little £110!!

Saturday saw all three cricket teams that were in action win, being the 1st, 2nd and 3rd’s, followed by a disco and karaoke courtesy of Studio One Disco’s for the Raydar Charity Fun Night. It was great to see so many of the cricket club joining in and belting out a few tunes!

Which brings us to this week! Thursday is our next committee meeting so we will keep you posted with our discussions. As always feel free to pass on questions or comments to us either personally, via email, or even through the suggestion box located near the notice board in the bar.

This Friday after the meat raffle and snowball draw, we have for your entertainment Sarah Saville!! Sarah performed for us on our recent Fun Day and she will be singing from around 8.30pm. Having seen her the other week, she certainly has voice worth listening to!! So please come along!

Saturday sees all four cricket teams in action with the 1st team at home against East Preston, and this will be followed by our American Independance Day Charity Race Nite in aid of CancerWise. The kiosk will be open for hot food to be purchased from 6.30pm and the racing is due to start from 7.30/8.00. Its going to be a fun night and it will be good to see you here to support this great cause!

Hope to see you over the weekend.

Chairman’s Blog 24/06/2015

Hi All

I hope you have enjoyed your week as we have had some warm, if not sunny weather. My apologies as I am a little bit late in doing this week’s blog as I have just moved house and now have double the walk ( what was I thinking !! )

Last week at the club was a quieter week than some of the previous ones, although Sunday saw an increase in our usual turnout for our Father’s day special which was an idea driven by one of members (Good Shout Andy !!).

Friday night’s snowball went unclaimed again as Lee Bradley was not at the club and therefore missed out on the £90, but that is good news for the rest of you as this Friday will see the pot go up to three figures at £100. So don’t forget if you can, be in the club between 6-8 and see if this is your week to get lucky. George will be conspicuous by his absence this week for the meat raffle, but not to worry as Julie will still be selling the tickets, sorting the prizes and I will call the tickets. To be fair they have both done this without fail week in and week out for us which has been not only a great way to raise money but has also brought people together in the club on a Friday.

Saturday saw all 4 of the cricket teams achieve wins, but with no entertainment on at that club in the evening, this certainly showed in our weekend’s takings so hopefully Kymie can continue to work her magic on our bills and outgoing’s this week.

Sunday also saw our fundraising members complete their bike ride from Littlehampton to Bognor and back in aid of Prostate Cancer. Can those who sponsored please hand in any monies owed by Saturday, and if anyone would like to donate please drop the money in by Saturday evening or go to the website and donate online

This week Kymie organise a fixed wiring inspection to be carried out (with a few advisories to be looked at) and we have already had our bingo, last night, with Mandy running away with £100 on the last full house of the evening. Kim has organised and agreed to use our venue for a number of semi final and cup matches with the pool league, which is added business and commendation for our facility.

Friday will see a bit of painting going on in the outside toilets ready to make them fit for purpose and in preparation for a tournament event coming up next month. Nick and myself will be down there in the afternoon, but if anyone fancies joining us, then you would be most welcome.

Dave has been busy this week sorting out some of the final arrangements ready for our charity race nite in conjunction with Cancerwise charity on the 4th of July, and tickets are now on sale for the raffle taking place that evening. He is currently arranging for a separate email to be sent with more details on the event.

Last week’s little quiz tester on the Lager sales by volume was won by Jimmy Askew who had emailed me within minutes ( Maybe should have been working I feel ) and the correct order by volume is 1.Becks Vier, 2.Fosters, 3.Carlsberg, 4.1664, 5.Heineken. Maybe next week I will do another Chairman’s pint giveaway.

So that’s it for this week and once again hope to see you at the club over this coming week.

Chairman’s Blog 18/06/15

We are heading towards the longest day this weekend and it was a busy weekend just passed with plenty on at the club.

Last week at our world famous fortnightly bingo the James Askew picked up the £ 170 in the final full house of the evening. So if you want the chance to have some fun and win a a prize like that then don’t forget to join us on the 23rd June. The evenings during the week we have been opening up at 5pm and it’s been good to see some of you taking advantage of the extra hour and thanks again to those willing committee and staff volunteering the extra hour free of charge.

Friday saw the barbecue meat raffle go well, a mini stoolball tournament taking place out on the field and unfortunately Sarah Wells was not here to collect the snowball that stood at £80, so next week there is £90 up for grabs. Saturday the Cricket teams were all in action apart from the 4th team who were awarded there match as the opponents couldn’t get a side together. Both the 1st and 2nd teams won their fixtures, but unfortunately the 3rd team narrowly missed out in a close low scoring match played on what I could only describe as one of the worst I have had the misfortune to play on. Saturday evening saw Mick Koumis and the lucky jacks appearing at the club again and for those that were here I think they enjoyed themselves.

Sunday was the Family fun day being run in conjunction with Raydar and I was pleasantly suprised to arrive at the field and see such a line of stools and bouncy castles with the event starting at 11am. It would have been great to have more people come along and I think this is something for us to look at for next year. It was a busy day for the organisers and I would like to thank Darren Power And Helen McDonovan for organising and keeping things running for the whole day. Thank you to George and Julie Wawman who were doing the barbecue and food that helped raised money for the club. We were treated to 6 live acts in the club from groups, solo’s and even a rapper and this has given us the opportunity to look at booking some of those for an evening later in the year. It was as I say, a long day and I would personally like to thank everyone who supported, worked or attended the event. Thank You !!

Well this week I took a day out from the club although I ended up back here as a small group of members attended the Arundel castle to watch cricket. Tonight Kim and I have had a meeting with Craig the fullers brewery rep to discuss such things as Fridges, London Pride, Support material, sponsorship and event days. So we will keep you posted as these take shape.
I would also like to take the opportunity to say a personal big thank you to Andy Sleeman And Jack Pidcock for the work they have been doing on the clubs lighting. Every bit of help that can come from the membership is a further step towards what I hope we all see as a common goal and that is to have a nice friendly and affluent club that we can all be proud of. Thanks Gents your next beer is on me !

As you have probably become bored of reading I will leave you with a quick test for a free drink from me. We currently sell 5 different lagers in the club and having just seen the rep we have up to date volumes of what we are buying. So the first person not staff or committee who can give me personally the following lagers in correct declining order of volume purchased in the last 12 months gets to see the moths fly from my wallet.

Heineken, Becks, Kronenbourg, Carlsberg Fosters.

See you soon and thank you all for your continued support.

Chairman’s Blog 08/06/15

Good Evening All

Well, another busy week has rushed past at the Sportsman, starting with emergency repairs to the Ice machine on Monday evening which I am pleased to say having had it apart that it is currently working again ( fingers crossed).

Tuesday saw a couple of meetings at the club – one with a Rep and another to finalise the details and plan for the Cancerwise Race Nite that will be held here in July. I hope you can join us and Jack the Lad (Heart Radio) to raise some money for a good cause and to have fun on July 4th.
Wednesday was the Ground management meeting which I attended, and discussions took place about topics such as the fun day, ground security, public liability insurance and the separation of cricket and Football. This one we would like to see resolved as we do not wish to risk losing any custom from outside.
Thursday saw the caravaners leave, having frequented the club on every evening of their stay, so thanks to them for their support. In the evening we had the Sportsman committee meeting. Topics discussed included Fun day, New Years Eve, summer opening hours, along with the usual Bar supervisor reports and treasurer reports. More details will follow in the form of the minutes which will be posted to the board shortly and you may have already received the message that as of today (08/06) we will be opening at 5pm Monday to Thursday. Thanks to those who are volunteering their time to make this happen.
We received some positive news for our finances in such that our latest water bill had reduced from £800 pounds a quarter to £395 for the latest quarter. This can only be as a result of the work we have carried out in resolving some leaks, introducing flush savers and most importantly the introduction of the push button in the gent’s urinal.
Friday meat raffle was full of barbecue meat and we certainly had some sunshine for the lucky winners to enjoy their prizes, Snowball stood at £70 and again the lucky name drawn was not in the club so Simon Boon did not win and next week will see £80 up for grabs.
Saturday saw the 1st , 3rds and 4th teams of cricket play and unfortunately both the 1st and 4th teams lost, although the 3rd team did hold on to win in a high scoring game at the Sportsman. For the evening we enjoyed a few members in to watch the European final followed by Terry Carvey who was in fine fettle despite a lack of numbers to see him perform.
This weekend sees all four cricket teams in action with the 1st team at home to Felbridge & Sunnyside. Saturday night livens up with Mick Koumis And The Lucky Jacks for your entertainment. Sunday is of course our family Funday, and we will be opening up at 11am for you to come along and have an early drink before joining in all the fun! I hope to see you over the weekend!

Time to dash as I am hoping to serve lots of pints between 5-6 before having another meeting.


Chairman’s Blog 3/06/2015

Blimey where did that week go?!! Kids back at school and officially into summer (not that you would have noticed)

We have had the pleasure of a caravan rally out on the field since Thursday and it has been great to see them coming up the club most evenings for a drink.
Friday was our fantastic meat raffle (with a great choice of meat including BBQ packs – the heat wave is coming people!! -Kymie) and also the members snowball which was up to £60!! The lucky name pulled out was Paul Lower who unfortunately was not in the club and so did not walk away with the jackpot. This Friday the prize fund rolls over to £70 so make sure you are here for your chance to win.

Saturday saw all four cricket teams play with the 3rd and 4th team continuing their winning streaks whilst the 1st and 4th team crashed to defeat. This coming Saturday sees the 2nd team with a free week, so the 3rd team will be playing at The Sportsman on Saturday afternoon rather than at Amberley. The 1st and 4th teams both have away fixtures as they attempt to make up for their performance last weekend.

Saturday afternoon saw a few extra people in to watch the FA cup final and then the evening saw the Cricket Club’s annual Dart tournament, and despite a few refreshments I scraped through to win!

Sunday saw the gents toilets get patched up eventually, with also a bonus wipe down of the tiles, dado and skirting board!!!!!

This week ahead sees our next committee meeting on Thursday, so if you have anything that you want raised then please let a committee member know or email the club.

Saturday evening sees us entertained by Terry Carvey who returns to the club again, so why not join us for a good night of entertainment?! Hopefully the sun will make a belated appearance for the start of summer, but remember whatever the weather you are more than welcome at the Sportsman!
Till next week if I don’t see you before!


Friday Night we have the meat raffle from 7pm. £1 for a strip of tickets. Why not come down you might just win your meat for your Sunday roast.

Also on Friday night somewhen between 6-8pm the members snowball will take place. If you are in the building and your name is lucky to be pulled out we shall give you £70!!

Saturday (6th June) Terry Carvey returns to The Sportsman. He performs live from 9pm. why not come and join us for the night and have a dance!!


terry carvey

Chairman’s Blog 28/05/20105
Hi All
So we come off the back of another bank holiday weekend, which I hope you all enjoyed.
Last Friday was the usual meat raffle and snowball, which rolls over to another week as the person whose name was called out was not at the club. Therefore you can possibly win £60 this Friday by just being in the club between 6-8 pm!
 Saturday saw the cricket club’s 1st, 2nd and 4th teams all win their matches with it being the 1st and 4th teams first wins of the season, and the 2nd team maintained their 100% record. The 3rd team had a free week, but all 4 teams will be in action again this Saturday with 1st away at Arundel, 2nd home to Chichester, 3rd away at Rustington and 4th at home (Hill Barn) to Arundel. 
Saturday night saw us host the Football Club’s presentation evening, with Blue Moon Discos providing us with the music, and the evening was a further opportunity to celebrate the successes of this past season for both the first and youth teams. Having turned up at the club straight from cricket as the presentations were going on, I was somewhat surprised and honoured to receive the President Award (clubman), so thank you to the committee of the football club and roll on next season!
On Sunday DonoPow events hosted a quiz and card bingo evening which was again entertaining, so thank you Darren and Helen.
Tuesday night’s bingo saw the Jackpot for the last full house at £136 pounds, so again if you want a little bit of fun and the chance to win a healthy jackpot then why not join us every fortnight on a Tuesday night – eyes down from 8pm.
If you have been in the club over the weekend you will have seen many posters detailing all our booked events over the coming months, so I hope that this will continue to provide you all with some entertainment whilst also hopefully attacking our financial situation.
Unfortunately I must finish my blog this week with a little gripe over something I saw this weekend. I am disappointed that someone felt the need to remind the committee and myself that the redecoration of the wall in the gents toilet has not been done since we had the cistern removed and replaced by a water saving push button, by writing on the wall. I think perhaps sometimes people forget that we are not highly paid officers of the club, but merely volunteers, some of whom put an awful lot of their own time in to trying to keep this club going. It was my intention, having personally paid for work organised by one of the committee and carried out by one of the footballers, to redecorate sooner than has been able, but with having my children for nearly three weeks of the last four, carrying out extra meetings at the club to deal with recent situations, working at the club, and having a full time job, I can only apologise for my lack lustre performance. Hopefully I will find time in the next week to now erase the writing before I sand down and paint.
So for now take care, hope to see you soon and don’t forget if you have an opinion, Idea or feedback then this is my email address,  which would off course be a better way to get your message across than writing on the walls.
Chairman’s Blog 19/05/2015
So we head towards another bank holiday weekend and half term holidays for the children. The question is…. will it be sunny?!
Thursday last week we held the wake for Christine Loveday who was a member here years ago. Many guests turned up to pay their respects and it turned out many had also been members of the club in previous years. Some hadn’t been inside for up to 40 years and were certainly faced with some changes! I was shown a menu they had brought along with them from 1971 when the club was first opened, which was a real piece of history! Unfortunately we could not serve anything from that menu nowadays, especially at £1.25 for steak and all the trimmings! The afternoon went well and we send our condolences as well as our thanks to the family for choosing to host the wake at the club due to memories of the past.
Friday evening saw us pretty busy as not only did we have the meat raffle and snowball, which rises to £50 this Friday as Ian White was not in the club and so did not win the £40, but we also had the football team have a social to get the players together to talk about next year.
Cricket on Saturday saw the 1st team draw at Broadwater, the 2nd’s win again at home to Aldwick, the 3rd’s win at home and the 4th’s lose away at Clymping. Unfortunately last Saturday we had no live entertainment due to The Skedaddles having to cancel. 
This weekend coming up sees the Littlehampton Town FC club presentation on Saturday night with Blue Moon Discos. Sunday night we have Darren Power from Studio One hosting a Quiz and Cards bingo. Everyone enjoyed the last one so come along and join in!  It would be good to see you over the bank holiday – don’t forget Monday we will be open from 12pm!
Also, a reminder that if you know anyone who might be interested in joining the club, we have reduced the membership fee to half price as we are half way through the year so now would be a great time to ‘ask a friend’!
Till next week.

Family Fun Day

Hello to all you lovely Sportsman members! We are arranging a Family Fun Day in conjunction with The Sportsman and the charity Raydar on Sunday June 14th. The day is fast approaching and we would like to know if any of you can help in one way or another, and maybe get something back for yourself too!
Firstly, we are producing a programme for the fun day which will contain the line up of bands and activities taking place on the day. We have some advertising spaces still available inside the programme, so if you would be interested in purchasing some space for your business advert please contact us. Prices start from £25 for a quarter of a page, £40 for half a page and £70 for a full page.
Secondly we still have some stall places available for the fun day, so maybe you can use this as an opportunity to showcase your talents at cake or soap making, maybe you can knit things (I know I can’t except holes) or maybe you just have some things you would like to sell. At just £5.00 for a stall it is great value!
Lastly, we are in the process of collecting raffle prizes. We really want to make this a great event, so if you have anything you can donate, or if you or someone you know owns a business that would like to donate, please contact us. We have raffle letters with the charity details on for this purpose and would be more than happy to send some letters out. We hope to see you at the event which again is on Sunday June 14th from 11am until 8pm. It is going to be a great day full of fun for the family! We can be contacted on
Helen Donovan 07486355072
Darren Power 07857653430

Chairman’s Blog 12/05/15

Well finally the sun has come out as we have enjoyed a mostly sunny weekend. Long may it continue!

Last week saw the committee gather for their regular monthly committee meeting and one of the notable decisions were that we have now co-opted Travis Hayler to our committee and we look forward to seeing him bring some additional strength to the committee. It was a tough decision for the committee to make as we also had Helen Donovan and Nathan Mead who had put themselves forward and both had enthusiasm and passion for the club, and I therefore hope that they will put their name forward at the next AGM. I would like to thank all three of them for putting themselves forward.
We also had some decisions to make with regards the unfortunate incident on the 25th April, and the committee has concluded that one individual has been banned for four months. Another member has been issued a warning for their behaviour in the club. Hopefully we can return to the friendly and safe club that we all know and love.
The committee has also made a decision to put on hold for the time being our plans to proceed with an epos till. It is felt that this is something that we will definitely revisit once our debt situation has been resolved.
Friday was good day for the club with a retirement party in the afternoon followed by the meat raffle, and the snowball wasn’t won again as Sharon Peach was not present in the club when her name was called, so the prize fund will be up to £40 next week!! We also had Studio One do karaoke. Thanks to Darren, Helen and those singers getting some much needed practice for The Voice. I’m not sure Tom Jones’ chair will be turning, but 10 out of 10 for effort. Saturday saw the Cricket 1st Team achieve a tied match at home to Ram chasing 278 with captain Jimmy Askew making another 100+ not out score. The 2nds won for a second consecutive game, away at Steyning, whilst the 3rds once again lost in a very tight but low scoring game at West Wittering.
Saturday night was great evening with singer Liz Angioni performing for us, and we welcomed some new people to club to enjoy a very good night of entertainment. Liz will be back on the 15th August and is most certainly worth a look. Sunday saw our Youth football team win their cup final at Shoreham, and we had a number of 18 year olds enjoying the opportunity to celebrate their moment of success.
Tonight we have Bingo!! So come and see if you can win that final full house which is normally over £100.
I would like to say thank you to two members who put pen to paper to air their views and I would encourage anyone else that have thoughts, views and ideas to do the same.
Look forward to seeing all soon.


Karaoke Friday!!

After the meat raffle this Friday (8th May) we have a karaoke night being run by Studio One Discos. Why not stay for a sing a long! We may discover the next X Factor Winner!! 


Quiz Night Success!!

Bank Holiday Sunday quiz was a great success with 10 teams taking part with the eventual winners being a team from the cricket club called 53 All Out who took away £20. The night was ended with cards bingo. Thanks to DonoPow events for the evenings entertainment. Keep an eye on the events page for lots more fun at The Sportsman.

Chairman’s Blog 02/05/2015

Hi Everyone

Another steaming hot bank holiday weekend forgot to turn up again! Tuesday last week we had bingo where Dave walked away with the final full house winning himself £170!!! So why not come along next time and see if you too can win it big at our fortnightly bingo. Thursday saw the committee get together to discuss the events of last Saturday and this has resulted in one person being suspended from the club for 4 months and we will be meeting on Tuesday with a member to discuss their behaviour. Thanks to committee who again made themselves available for another impromptu meeting.
Whilst talking about last Saturday when the football team won the league, it is with disappointment to share the news that Mark Bennett and Ritchie Hellen have resigned as Manager and Assistant. I would like to thank them for bringing LTFC from the low reaches of division 2 to being County League Champions. Thanks for the memories that they have given me and I wish them both good luck in their next venture.
Friday’s snowball drew out the name Pat Sired, who was not at the club at that time and so next week we will see £30 up for grabs.
Yesterday saw the Cricket league season get underway with the 1st getting a winning draw against East Preston and their new skipper James Askew leading the way with an unbeaten 150. The 2nds won at home to Ifield with Harry Standing making 89. The 3rds lost a low scoring game against Goring by 3 wickets. The evening was finished off with a bit of soul and motown courtesy of Studio One Disco.

Tonight, at 7pm we have DonoPow Events organising some fun with a quiz and bingo with cards so it would be good to see there!!

Tomorrow as it is Bank Holiday Monday we are open all day from 12pm
Enjoy the rest of your long weekend and hope to see you all soon.

Sadly The Skedaddles have cancelled the event we had planned for May 16th.


Tomorrow is Bank Holiday. The Club will be open from 12pm all day till 10.30pm. No better way to spend the Bank Holiday than with us!!

Quiz Tonight!!

After a good night last night there is more activity at the Sportsman tonight (3rd May). It’s Quiz night with cards bingo!! All starts at night

Chairman’s Blog 27/04/2015

Dear All

Well this has been a week to remember for the club. Saturday saw Littlehampton Town Football Club win the Sussex County League for the 2nd time in their history after drawing 3-3 against Newhaven, at home, in front of a big crowd. This led to a packed clubhouse and some frantic serving behind the bar. Thanks to the staff and volunteers that helped make the day a record take over the bar. We had Darren from Studio One Discos doing a disco early evening followed by live music from Juke Box Junkies, who were loud but very enjoyable and most of the evening was held in high spirits. However, unfortunately the evening was tarnished towards the end with a couple of incidents that were most unwelcome and disappointing on a night that should have been remembered for the right reasons. On behalf of the club and myself I would like to apologise to those members and guests that had to witness this, and to those that were drawn into events. This is not acceptable behaviour and will be investigated and appropriate action taken. I would like to thank those that helped in dealing with the incidents, it is very much appreciated. This is a club in which we should all be able to feel comfortable and safe in, so this kind of behaviour damages our reputation and we must ensure that we do everything that we can to drive it out of the club.
As for the rest of the week… Tuesday saw the cricket team take on Sunday football team Beaumont Park at Football and go down 8-4 which was quite respectable for a team handicapped by the appearance of your vice chairman, chairman and few perhaps unconditioned cricketers. It was my first 45 mins of football for over 17 years since my broken neck and it was good to be back.
Thursday we had a St Georges Day celebration with Darren and Helen from Donopow Events doing pie, mash and liquor along with an English quiz for the few members that were here. Thanks you two and hope you enjoyed your pie and mash for the next few days !!
Friday was again our meat raffle and with the sunny weather making an appearance, this now includes some barbecue meat, so don’t forget to get your tickets!! The snowball was back at £10 this week having been won the week before and the name pulled out – Colin Manning – was not here at the club and missed out on winning, so this Friday there will be £20 up for grabs.
Sunday saw the first over 50’s walking football competition held at the club with 4 teams representing Littlehampton, Worthing and two from Arun Amblers. Arun Amblers A won the competition, which we hope will be an annual event. I was asked to play which I didn’t quite know how to take and had to remind people that I am not 50 yet !!.
The coming week sees the start of the league season for the cricket teams with the 1st team at East Preston, the 2’s at home to Ifield and the 3’s at Amberley against Goring. So let’s hope for the sunshine to return.
Don’t forget Bingo on Tuesday night and if you’re looking for some different music join us on Saturday for a Soul and Motown evening with Studio One.
It would be good to see you soon.


Massive congratulations to Littlehampton FC who on Saturday won the Sussex County League Division 1 title after drawing with Newhaven.


Chairman’s Blog 21/04/2015

Dear Members

Another week at the office! Tuesday and Saturday I had the pleasure of driving the LTFC minibus to two away games for the football club with games at Eastbourne and Broadbridge Heath – both being successful trips with 3-1 and 3-0 victories. This means with the final game being this Saturday, a win will see LTFC become champions of the Sussex County League. Saturday should be a good day, so why not come down and show your support for our home team in their game against Newhaven, kicking off at 3pm. Alternatively come down later Saturday evening to enjoy some live music from Jukebox Junkies who will be on stage at 9pm performing something for everyone!

Being away on Tuesday meant I missed Bingo, and this week I was going to win the big one! Oh well next time! Well done to all those lucky people that won meat from our Friday meat raffle, and congratulations to Paul Tester (Basher) who won £90 when his name was pulled out of the members snowball! Next week’s draw will see the prize reset to £10.

Saturday saw the Cricket club and Stoolball club get together for a preseason social which was well attended and enjoyed by all, so thank you to Jimmy Askew for organising the event and bringing some welcome cash across our bar. Cricket had friendlies both days this weekend with a narrow defeat at Rottingdean on Saturday, a 6 wicket defeat at Selsey on Sunday and 91 run defeat at Rustington on the same day. The average age of the team at Rustington was hampered by the appearance of your vice chairman Nick and myself. Still, it was a nice day for it.

This week sees what could be a truly memorable game on the football pitch as the Cricket Club take on Beaumont Park. Again this will no doubt feature a few super stars (who should probably hang up their boots before the game). Thursday sees us celebrate St George’s Day with our Pie, Mash and Liquor event being hosted by Donopow events, which will also include an English quiz. Why not show some patriotism with a night out and enjoy some promotional prices on all of our beers on pump for the evening!

That’s enough waffling from me this week so please see further details of forthcoming events below. Hope to see you there!!!

This Weekend at The Sporty!!

Tonight (Friday 17th) is The Weekly meat raffle draw at 7pm. The snowball which is now worth £90 will be drawn somewhen between 6pm and 8pm. What a way to spend your Friday night!

Then Saturday we have the Cricket Club holding their pre season party here with Blue Moon Discos starting at 8pm.



cricket pre season

Chairman’s Blog 13/04/2015

Hello Members

Well it has been nice a weekend weather wise after a miserable start to Saturday. I hope everybody enjoyed a bit of sunshine. We had our latest committee meeting on Thursday evening, and minutes and task sheet updates will be posted on the board during this week for your perusal. Some main things to update you on in the meantime are:

· Co-opt a new committee member – We are looking to fill the vacant seat and it was agreed to advertise for those who may be interested with a view to co-opting someone at our May meeting till the next AGM. Should you feel you have something to offer the club by being on the committee then please feel free to express an interest and we would like to chat briefly at the start of next meeting prior to making a decision. (A copy of the notice that is displayed in the club is attached – Kymie)

· Epos touch till – The committee has agreed to proceed with a company called Rainbow. We are in the process of signing an order form and then I will be able to let you know about time scales. We will be getting a touch screen till, printer, back office program and membership cards in the package. There is an opportunity for advertising space on the back of the membership cards and so we will be looking for sponsors for this – let us know if you are interested! You could have your company name advertised on these lifelong cards as well as the till screen, so either send us an email or find us for a chat and we could be sharing your business amongst our members and customers! We are purchasing this system on a five year lease where a final payment secures us the hardware. We have a sponsor that has offered to pay towards the monthly payments for the first year while it beds in.

· Membership – fees have now been reduced as we are half way through the year, so if you might know anyone that would be interested in joining the club then now is an ideal time to bring them along!

In other news, last week saw LTFC get two draws, 0-0 with East Preston and 2-2 yesterday with Hailsham. Thanks to a defeat for our rivals, we are now in the position that if we win all three remaining games then we can win the league. We play Eastbourne Town away on Tuesday night when I shall be driving the minibus, followed by another away game Saturday at Broadbridge Heath.
With no events this Saturday gone, we were grateful for the rowdy crowd that amassed at the club for the Grand National and Boat Race.! I lost interest myself in the boat race when the bookies wouldn’t take my each way bet!!!.
Friday’s snowball winner was not present and therefore this Friday we have £90 up for grabs, so why not join us THIS Friday between 6pm and 8pm for a chance to win the money or buy some raffle tickets and maybe you could go home with some meat! This weekend sees the start of SIX WEEKS of entertainment on Saturday nights when the cricket club hold their pre season social as the start of the season draws ever closer. Join us on Saturday night while we are entertained by Blue Moon Discos and wish the cricketers luck for the forthcoming season!

I hope to see you soon, but should you have any comments, suggestions or feedback for me or the committee, then please send an email to the club, or me personally at

Chairman’s Blog 10/04/2015

Hi All!
It has been another topsy turvy week in world of The Sportsman. The Easter bunny visited and on Saturday night we had our first ever Adult Easter Party, which people seemed to really. I particularly enjoyed George’s effort to leave the club via the window playing a twisted version of hungry hippos’, I’m sure it is on YouTube by now (try Facebook for some videos of the night!).The Saturday before I went to Horsham to see Littlehampton Town FC lose 2-1 in what could only be described as a poor game. Tuesday we had a company called Quintek in to give us a quote for their epos tills but price wise they fall well behind the quote we received from Rainbow who we have already had to demonstrate their system.

Easter Sunday we had the Children’s Easter party and Studio One’s Darren Power was in good form entertaining the children. Afterwards there was the Easter Raffle which was very well supported this year. A long day but I think everyone enjoyed themselves. Unfortunately I didn’t win any chocolate so I am refusing to buy any more Easter raffle tickets till next Easter (that will learn you). Bank Holiday Monday we had Littlehampton Town FC play at home against East Preston and the game ended in a 0-0 draw. That left us second in the table, 4 points behind the leaders but we still have one game in hand.

Sadly on Wednesday I attended a funeral of one of my former employees, my receptionist who had battled cancer for 2 years. There were over a hundred people there, but the reality is that she had time for everyone whether she liked them or not which is something we should all take on board. She helped me understand that you can still be a friend to someone you don’t get on with. Live life, no enemies and no regrets!!

We have plenty of entertainment coming up over the next few weeks so it will be great to see you in the club. In the meantime be safe and have fun.


What a Weekend!!!

Easter has been a HUGE success here at The Sportsman. Many thanks to all the members who supported the club over this weekend. There are some videos of the evenings events on our Facebook page at:

Easter Raffle

The easter raffle was done soon after the kids party this afternoon. The winners are below:

1) £10 Cash – Eloise Chow

2) Smarties – Julie + George Wawman

3) Aero Bubbles – Kenny Powell

4) Rollo – John Innes

5) – Roger P

6) Smarties – Gareth Sawyer

7) Aero Bubbles – Josh Bates

8) Rolo Egg – Kymie Walker

9)Toffee Crisp – Dave Guildford

10) M+Ms Egg Victoria and Nich Charman

11) Yorkie – Terry Wedge

12) Mars – Steve Slade

13) M+Ms – Caroline

14) Mars – Darren Power

15) Princess – Alan Peach

16) Minstrels – Barry Barnes

17) Yorkie – Kevin

18)KitKat Chunky – Roger

19) Toffee Crisp – John Innes

20) Maltesers – Paige

21) Celebrations – Taylor

22) Creme Egg – Martin Paine

23) Mars – Eloise Chow

24) Minstrels – Jo Wilkinson

25) Creme Egg – John Innes

26)Minstrels – Nickki

27) Maltesers Teasers – Sandra + Ernie

28) M+M’s – Dave Chink

29) Dairy Milk – Stan Best

30) M+M Large – Lucy Collins

31) Caramel Selection – Mike Askew

32) Malteser Large – Shirley + Jack

33) Bahhumbug – Eloise Chow

If You are a lucky winner your egg can be claimed from the behind the bar!!



Easter Weekend her at The Sportsman!!

We have so much on this coming easter weekend. Why not come and spend it with us!

It starts on Saturday night with our brand new Adults Easter Party with an easter egg hunt with a twist!! Come and joins us from 8pm with Studio One Discos.easter party photo


It Doesn’t end there!!…

On Easter Sunday we have our famous Kids Easter party!! Why not make it a family afternoon and join us from 3pm with our entertainment provided by Studio One easter party photo

And there is more!!!…

Easter Monday come and support Littlehampton FC at home in their local derby against East Preston as they continue in their quest for the league title. Kick Off is 11AM. The club will be open from 11.30AMfootball


Chairman’s Blog 01/04/2015

Dear Members

Well, I am sitting here tonight playing bingo. No luck yet, hence I am typing my blog. Last week I drove the minibus for Littlehampton Town FC to St Francis and we were 90 seconds away from going top of the table, before the home team made it 3-3. On Friday, the lucky snowball winner was conspicuous by their absence, so this Friday we have 70 pounds up for grabs. Come and join us on Good Friday to win the money or even some meat in our popular meat raffle. Saturday saw the football club go to Selsey and win 4-1, putting them top of the league.

The weekend at the club was fairly quiet with nothing on, so the banking didn’t take too long this week, but juggling the bills made up for that. We received a letter from HMRC informing us that as our return was paid 3 days after the due date, we have a fine of just under £500 imposed upon us. This was because we have had late returns in recent years and so are no longer allowed the privilege of a reminder letter, we are fined straight away. It will take a year of on time payments to be in place for us to be removed from the ‘fine without warning’ cycle. We are very conscious of achieving this, as the surcharges in recent years have added up to be quite painful!

Today we had another company in to demo epos tills and we will discuss the merits at our committee meeting which has been moved to avoid Easter weekend and will now be on the 9th. We hopefully have a busy weekend ahead being the Easter bank holiday! We have our very first adult Easter party on Saturday evening followed on Sunday afternoon by our children’s Easter party hosted by Studio One Discos. Our ‘eggcelent’ Easter raffle will take place Sunday evening at 6pm so make sure you come and buy your tickets at only 25p a square!! Bank Holiday Monday morning sees Littlehampton Town FC host East Preston so hopefully the till will be ringing a plenty! The match starts at 11am but the club doesn’t open until 11.30am. I hope that people have adapted to the new pricing structure, and agree that basing the increase on margins rather than a blanket increase on all products was a fair way of introducing it.

Have a happy Easter, don’t eat too much chocolate, and it would be great to see you over the weekend!


Chairman’s Blog 25/03/2015

Eyes Down and sorry for the length of my blog this week!

It has been another hectic week, with more meetings and challenges to face. The week started well with myself playing away (but at home) against The Sportsman Darts team. My team won the league but The Sportsman team finished respectfully in the top half. Tuesday saw our St Patrick Day’s bingo, with our fantastic promotional offer on Guinness flowing well, and George on form behind the mic as always. The lucky winner of the last game on the night won a mouth watering £120 pounds. Outside on the field Littlehampton Town FC won their friendly against Ryman league side Horsham 6-2. Wednesday the Sub Committee met to interview those involved in an incident on the 7th of this month, and this was followed on Thursday by a committee to decide on action being taken, which you can read more about below. After this meeting I attended the Littlehampton Ground management committee meeting, where they agreed to let us have permission to hold a fun day and fireworks on the field this year as long as we check that our insurance covers it all. Friday saw the meat raffle and the member’s snowball, which wasn’t won again so there will be a prize fund of £60 this Friday if you are here. Saturday afternoon was a trip to Hassocks to see Littlehampton Football win 6-1 and remain in the box seat to win the league. Sunday was reasonably busy until our first Big Sunday Quiz, which was most certainly not, but thank you to the 6 people who played and entertained me for the evening.

I am typing this having just had our first demo of a touch screen till, which had both Kymie and Kimmie quite excited. Another company is due to give a demonstration next week and then this can be discussed at our upcoming committee meeting a week Thursday.


Dear Members

Following an incident between two members on the 7th March the committee, led by our President, have carried out a full disciplinary hearing and have agreed on the following actions.

Both members were suspended until the hearings conclusion and have been banned from applying or being on committee for an agreed amount of terms. In the instance of one of the members they have been removed from the current serving committee with immediate effect. They have also both received bans which have been suspended for 1 year. They have been warned about their future conduct within the club and any further disciplinary issues will result in the enforcement of the suspended bans in addition.

It is truly disappointing to have this kind of behaviour in our club which prides itself on being a safe, friendly and sociable place for members to enjoy.

The committee feels that it has taken proportionate action in this case and has agreed that they and any future committee should have process/guide in place to deal with any further instances. The committee will therefore put a proposal to amend/add to our constitution at the next AGM, but in the meantime have agreed a process they will follow, which has been published in the club.

I very much hope that we will have no further requirements for its use.




Should a member commit any of these the following steps may be followed.

1) The member/s involved will be immediately suspended from the club by Committee or Bar Supervisor pending a disciplinary hearing. The committee will aim meet within 3 days.

2) Following an emergency committee meeting a Sub Committee will be formed to interview all parties involved and accrue witness statements in writing or by interview. The committee will aim to hold these within a further 3 days.

3) The Committee will meet again and listen to the presentation of facts/findings from the Sub Committee. The committee will then vote on proposals tabled for relevant action to be taken. The committee will aim to do this within 48Hrs.

4) The Chairman/Secretary will advise those parties involved of the committee decisions in the first instance verbally with 24hrs and followed by a letter within a week.

5) Bar Supervisor will be advised immediately and all details filed in the office for future reference.



St Patricks Day

St Patrick’s day was a massive success at the sporty! Everyone enjoyed it and had a bit of bingo with Irish winning calls! ‘To be sure to be sure ‘ haha. Thanks everyone that came up it was a lovely evening. A few photos of our members enjoying themselves this evening…

Chairman’s Blog 16/03/2015

Dear Members

Well, as we head towards the middle of March we had a brief glimpse of spring before it turned cold again this weekend with the change of wind direction. It’s almost like things at The Sportsman – after a couple of steady weeks the wind has changed and the week just passed has been challenging. Following an incident last weekend, the committee held an unscheduled meeting, which I was delighted that everyone could make, to discuss the matter. This is now with the president and committee to follow up and decide on the actions to be taken, as I was witness to the incident and so will not be involved in the decision making process. I think I would like to recommend adding something to our club constitution at our next AGM to help any committee follow a set of guidelines and recommendations for dealing with incidents like this to ensure continuity moving forward.

Monday also saw us face a tricky situation with HMRC as we attempted to organise a payment plan for the latest VAT bill, only for them to refuse point blank and tell us that legal action would be taken if it was not paid by its final due date in two weeks time. It turns out that we have been paying a quarter behind with payment plans for the last few years and they felt we have had enough time to sort ourselves out. They also told us how much over the last few years we have paid in fines and late payment fees, which I simply can’t type as it makes me frustrated, as it is a figure that would have made a significant effect on current debt situation. Anyway, I have paid the £3254 and when things have settled then a payment plan will be put in place to repay me.

Monday also saw us with a charity crib competition which blessed us with a lot more people in the club on a Monday than we normally have. We were given the final results of the 2014-2015 Littlehampton Cribbage League Table which saw our Nomads take second place in the division – just 3 points behind the winners at the Labour Club. Our Sportsman team came a very proud 5th place in a close battle, with the top 5 teams having less than 10 points between them. Well done to all involved! Tuesday was quiet, Wednesday was pool night, won by our home side and Thursday had the previously mentioned committee meeting. Friday had our meat raffle and members snowball and due to the winner of the snowball not being in the club , the prize fund now stands at £50 for this Friday’s draw! Saturday saw our football team at home to a potentially slippery match against Chichester, but they run out 4-0 winners with a solid display. They have a friendly at home on Tuesday to Ryman League side, Horsham, if you fancy watching a match – entry for this game will be FREE! The next scheduled home match is Easter Monday against East Preston (KO 11am) with the club opening at 11.30am.

Saturday night saw some great entertainment with the band – The Lucky Jacks. It would have been nice to have seen a few more people, but the one thing that’s for sure, is that those that were there seemed to enjoy themselves. We were even treated to an exhibition of moJive by our committee member David and his wife Trish, that was full of energy, enthusiasm and fun, that we could all do with a piece of. Live music is something we want to do on a more regular basis, so hopefully more of you can come and enjoy the acts that we will be lining up.

I’m very much hoping that this coming week has less challenges, although we of course have our price increase from Monday 16th.Tuesday we have St Patrick’s Day bingo so why not come and join us to win some money and have the chance to wear a Guinness hat, while supping a cheap pint of Guinness?!

Hope to see you this week and in the meantime take care of yourselves and have a good week!


Chairman’s Blog 11/03/2015

Another week has passed us by and this week has been a bit of mixed bag, with a couple of nights during the week being very quiet.We had our fortnightly bingo on Tuesday run by George and Julie, and with Littlehampton’s football match at Eastbourne being cancelled it gave me the opportunity to get my eyes down for a full house. Surprisingly I enjoyed myself – so why not come and join us on Tuesday 17th March for chance to win?!

Friday was a good evening with our weekly meat raffle (tickets available behind the bar all week) and snowball draw, which was not won again this week and goes up to £40 this Friday. Just a reminder that you need to be here to win it! We also had a ladies darts singles competition and although they only had 8 players did bring in around 35 people with other halves and supporters, which was a bonus for the till! The football team were away at Pagham on Saturday afternoon and the game ended 3-3 with one of our main rivals for the league title. Saturday night we hosted a surprise 50th birthday party and although not extremely busy, everyone seemed to enjoy their evening at the club with Darren Power as the DJ.

Last Thursday evening we had our latest Committee meeting which lasted just short of 3 hours with plenty to discuss, and pricing being reviewed following the increase from the brewers. I hope by now you will have seen my email with regards to our price increases. Minutes of the meeting have been put on the board for your perusal as well as an updated task and projects list.

The week ahead looks pretty quiet in the diary until we get to the weekend with Football being at home against Chichester followed by a live band – The Lucky Jacks – for your entertainment on Saturday night. Please try and come down to see them play as we need your support to continue putting on events like this at the club.
Till we meet again !


Chairman’s Blog 04/03/2105

So we have arrived into March and we have just come off the back of another positive weekend with a very busy function on Saturday night along with our well supported meat raffle and members snowball on Friday. Saturday also saw another home game for Littlehampton Town FC on a wet and boggy pitch, with our Marigolds winning 4 – 0 against Shoreham. Unfortunately we only have one more home game over the coming month.

I have been busy collating our pricing and margins, ready for the committee meeting this Thursday. Hopefully we can find a way to maintain our margins without affecting too many prices. I hope to have minutes and updates from our meeting available by next weekend for your information, and we are lucky to have another function this coming weekend as well as a live band for your entertainment next weekend – The Lucky Jacks – so I hope you can make it down for the live act and continue to support our club.

I was asked by a member Saturday if I get a buzz out of being chairman. I get a buzz out of making a difference, and with your support that is exactly what we can achieve.

See you soon!



Chairman’s Blog 25/02/2015

Hello again

I can not believe that another week has rushed past, but it has been a productive week as we met with Craig our Fullers brewery rep. The meeting for the most part was very positive, with them still being supportive and understanding of our position. They will soon be supplying us details on a quote to refresh the three bar fridges. These will be owned by the brewery whilst we pay a small amount extra on every brewers barrel until they become ours. Unfortunately though, there is no hiding from the fact Fullers have put their prices up as of 16th February. Thankfully we have a margin support agreement that will mean when we agree new prices at our next committee meeting it won’t be as horrendous as it could have been. Our aim is not to just blanket increase but to review prices individually with a minimum margin that we agree to achieve, but having already looked at some prices there will be some difficult decision to make at next Thursdays committee meeting.

Off the back of this meeting with Craig, we have also now installed thermometers in our beer cellar and are monitoring this closely, as this may be having an impact on some beers – in particular London pride. It will be interesting to see if this has any effect as we strive to keep the optimum temperatures. We have also gained 2 spaces on a cellar course next month courtesy of Fuller’s that will undoubtedly help, and have been given some guidance on renovating our glasses which has also become an issue with some beers. Craig was also good enough to give us a contact in respect of a new till and card system that will give us the opportunity to have accurate stock details and potentially do a members discount. More to follow on that.

We have received some welcome feedback about the choice of bottled beers that we stock and will be trialing some additional ones over the coming months, as well as looking at opportunities to do some drink promotions.
This past weekend saw a much needed improvement in takings with football being on at home after a few weeks of cancellations, and a 21st Birthday Party Saturday evening. We are due football at home again this Saturday and another birthday party in the evening so hopefully the till will keep ringing.

On a side note and probably more to give you a giggle, I attended the 03 Club on Sunday to a charity darts event which was excellently attended and is something we may look to try and host again at the Sportsman. Having been knocked out of all competitions I then also suffered the indignity of falling up the stairs of the 03 in front of an audience. I may have cracked a rib so I expect your now say Ahh ! or is it Ha Ha ?!

Take care and hope to see you over the coming week.


Chairman’s Blog 18/02/2015

A few weeks back in the role now and it is clear that challenges lay ahead of us with the debt now standing at a little over £5,000. Hopefully having had a few quiet weeks in terms of bar sales, we have some functions coming up that will start to get us back on track.

Talking of finances, I am pleased to tell you that the committee has appointed Kymie Walker as our new Treasurer/ Secretary and currently is undertaking a handover with Kay Finneran. I hope you will all join me firstly wishing Kymie good luck in this challenging role and also thanking Kay who stood in to help us in our hour of need. Kymie will be responsible for reigniting our weekly emails and hopefully if you’re reading this, then you have received her first one.

We had our rep from Fullers visit earlier this week and I will keep you posted particularly in respect of any impending price increase.

Two more things before I go. Firstly, we would like to start Quiz nights up again and we would like your feedback if you are interested and which day would be preferred, so we can start to plan it into our diary. Secondly, our fridge we keep for food has decided to retire (prematurely), so if someone knows of a fridge going begging or cheap could they please let us know.

See you soon


Chairman’s Blog 11/02/2015

Hello All

Firstly, forgive the intrusion, but I would like to say how delighted I am to have been re-elected as Chairman at the Sportsman following our AGM last week and I hope to continue the positive steps taken in my first tenure, as well as the great work that Darren Power has been doing over the last year or so. I know that Darren is disappointed not to have got longer in the role and I hope you will all join me in saying thank you for what he has done for this club, as I know from personal experience it is an all consuming task and inevitably hard work.

We also said farewell to our long standing president who has retired and I am sure we will miss his great experience and knowledge of the club. However, at our first committee meeting held on Monday the committee agreed to ask Colin Treagus to take on the role and I am pleased to inform you that Colin has accepted. I am sure that his years of being involved at the Sportsman will mean he will be a valuable asset to the committee and myself.

Anyway at our meeting on Monday and in the absence of minutes from the last meeting, we took the opportunity to discuss collectively things that we felt needed doing or that we believe we should consider. This will be a list which we shall publish in full on the committee board by the end of the weekend and will refresh monthly with updates and new projects, so you can all stay in the loop and you may even know someone that can help us with some of these. We intend to categorise these into SHORT TERM (asap), MEDIUM TERM (this year) and LONG TERM (when we can). Let us know if you have anything we should consider adding to the list.

Along with this list we will continue to publish minutes of monthly meetings including our financial situation, which as of Monday’s meeting the debt stood at £5,393.71. We hope to appoint a new treasurer/secretary in the very near future to take over from Kay Finneran who has been helping us out as a favour for the last few months, and we are currently also advertising on spec internally for a cleaner to do a few hours a week across 3 days.

We will be sending you regular emails to keep you informed on events and news from the club and we would welcome you to give us your feedback, concerns and suggestions. This can be done in person to any of the committee or myself or alternatively you can send an email to the Sportsman address or directly to myself on this email address. Just so you know our monthly meetings will be held on the First Thursday of every month should you wish anything to be discussed by the whole committee.

For now I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you all soon at the Sportsman.

Kind Regards

Darin Bird

Chairman’s Blog 19/01/2016

Hi All

Well we certainly have had our share of rain over the last week, so I hope you managed to stay dry.


Last Tuesday’s bingo had another big prize for the final house at £230 so well worth winning and also just generally a fun evening, so don’t forget to give it a whirl next time out. Thursday we held our last committee meeting as a group, as with the AGM approaching fast there will likely be some new faces on your committee.  A few things of note from the meeting are the committee agreed to follow a similar format for next New Years Eve following the recent success, a second quotation has been received for the boiler repairs and our president is currently negotiating the possibility of a payment plan to lessen the impact, but I will keep you updated.

An issue was brought to committee about a table being reserved for New Year’s Eve, which was discussed and it was agreed that it’s not something that is practical, hasn’t been something that we have done before and should not do so in the future. It will be a first come first served basis as our seating options are limited on busy evenings.

As mentioned the AGM is only 2 weeks away being on Wednesday 27th January at 8pm. A reminder that any motions should have been received in writing by 13th, and nominations for either the Vice Chairman or Committee positions (4 spaces available) should be added to the board as you come in before the end of Wednesday 20th.  Nick Lamb our current Vice Chairman has decided not to re-stand this year, so that he can spend more time focusing on his grandchildren, so I would like to take this opportunity to thank him for his efforts both as vice chairman and committee member prior to that. He has promised to still help out where he can and to return in the near future, but in the meantime we should thank him for his support.

Friday saw the return of the meat raffle after a week’s break and this was followed by the snowball draw that restarted again at £20. This will remain at £20 this week as it was won by Mr Hill on Friday. We also carried out a membership check on Friday evening and will do so again in the near future so please make sure you have renewed and that you are carrying your membership card. We managed to persuade a few on Friday to part with their money!!

Saturday saw Littlehampton’s Football team lose 2-0 away at high flying Horsham with the evening entertainment being provided courtesy of Studio one for Stella’s 50th Birthday party.


So for now stay dry (externally of course), keep warm (wrap up for the walk to the club) and hope to see you soon.